Gunned By Flyers


The Canadiens, finishing off eight straight road games, fall 4-3 to the Flyers in Philadelphia, with this latest disappointment coming after a great outing against Boston at the Winter Classic last Friday.

Coach Michel Therrien, when asked about the difference between the big outdoor win and the lacklustre showing in Philly, had this to say:

“I’m glad you boys brought this up,” said the coach as he emptied his bottle of Four Aces, hurled it across the room, and opened another.”

“I don’t care if the league fines me, but I’m gonna get this off my chest. Everybody knows we’re an outdoors team. That’s where we play our best hockey. But look what the schedule maker did. We’re forced to play 81 games indoors and it’s not $#^%& right.”

“Look at the top teams – Dallas, Washington and the rest. These are indoor teams and they get to play all 82 games indoors, while we only get one outdoor game, which is our bread and butter. Is that $#^%& right? Is it?

Coach Therrien has a point. His Montreal Canadiens do not play well indoors, but the league doesn’t seem to care. But it’s always been this way. No one wants to see the Habs do well.

And the beat goes on.

Random Notes:

The Flyers outshot the Canadiens 31-24.

With the eight-game road trip now history, the team plays its next three in Montreal, beginning with the Devils on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, all three games are indoors.

Ben Scrivens, in net for Montreal, was excellent in a losing cause.

Montreal marksman were Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Carr.

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7 thoughts on “Gunned By Flyers”

  1. This was a Jacques Martin game. I do not understand how professionals, left alone those wearing the Canadien sweater can put for an effort which looked like they mail it in.

    Markov, Eller, Emelin, Plek have been taking up space the past five weeks (save a spark here and there). My over them goofing up on the basics. A two-on-none breakaway where Brayden Schenn had 5 seconds of alone time to pick his shot? A PP that is 3 of the last 43…

    There is plenty of time left, but it’s concerning when the spark comes a host of Ice Cap call ups and Gallagher. Where are the guys pulling down the big checks? Where are the leaders?

    For me, it’s time to pull the trigger and move some “untouchables.”

  2. It’s like the team has decided to go on strike.
    Maybe they want Therrien gone.
    This can’t continue.
    Can it?

  3. Well I think we as fans have been fooled into thinking our team is a contender for Lord Stanley. Sadly we are a pretender. There is something wrong with this team they are not engaged at all. We as fans keep making excuses for our team but really….they are simply not playing engaged and unless something drastic happens soon we will miss the playoffs….miss the freakin playoffs. I hear fans talking about making a big trade well maybe we haven’t given much thought about who built this team…
    MB has shaped this team . I wonder if the people want the big trade think other GM’s don’t see how our players perform. My point is would you trade for our players who don’t seem interested in playing. Other teams rachet up their intensity when thimgs are going bad…this team does not hit and doesn’t want to hit. Personally I think they lack character…not could anyone say that about Gally ? PK is a bad joke this year…..I know I know can’t say that but his play is at best okay defensively and nothing at all offensively. MT doesn’t seem to be able to get them to play beyond getting their uniforms on properly. We are in trouble. Come on Dennis you must be able to help. Anyhow hopefully I am wrong and they will turn this collapse around and get back to earning their money. Go Habs Go please…..

  4. At least we have Dennis’ game recaps. He puts more effort into them than many of the Canadiens put forth on the ice. And when the bourbon? bottles fly he breaks more of a sweat.

    Therien’s throws are harder and better aimed than the pucks lightly lofted at the opposing goalie’s belly or glove. Unfortunately the preparation involved for each throw affects his ability to choose his lines. Back in the Bell, where only $15 beer bottles are allowed Therien is able to train for longer.

  5. MT was fired back in 2002 during a losing streak…will history repeat itself?…if so any thoughts on a possible replacement?
    ….make that a replacement that can “parlez vous”.

  6. I missed the game. But I think the same problems showed themselves. Give Gall11 the C, sit Markov, play Tinordi. Move DD51 to third line and play 3rd line minutes (why does MT like this player so much – is it is scruffy beard smile?) I think Condon and Scrivens are playing well. The problem is leadership and scoring and defense. Price’s 6 week absense expires on January 11. I hope they dont extend it to another six weeks or we are getting a top five draft pick next year

  7. And now is the time to sign players, not when they are performing (ala Pleks14). And why did he sign markov to an extension plus a $750k raise? I think MB has his work cut out for him. I am not impressed anymore.

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