Gump Was One Of Those Old-School Guys


Gump Worsley. Overweight, out of shape, not real quick or cat-like. Just a great goaltender with a slightly unorthodox style who did the job in a big way for the Habs between 1963 and 1970.

He was a mythical creature, a chunky little fellow who should have played in the 1920’s, where he would have fit in with other mythical creatures. He just had that aura about him.

Before the Habs though, he was a young goaltender in Manhattan, stopping pucks for the New York Rangers, and in this photo, from a Star Weekly, Gumper is about 27 years old, still about seven years away from donning a Habs jersey.

And imagine. There was no mask to hide those movie star good looks!

3 thoughts on “Gump Was One Of Those Old-School Guys”

  1. The Gumper was a real tough guy.

    He was also vehemently opposed to wearing a mask. Worsley was the second-to-last professional hockey goaltender to play without a mask – Andy Brown of the Indianapolis Racers being the final one the following season – wearing one only in the last six games of his career. Asked about why he chose to go without, he told reporters, “My face is my mask.”*

    My face is my mask. I love that. Love Gump’s haircut too.

    *source Wikipedia

  2. Danno, I didn’t know that about Gump and Brown being the last. Thanks. You never fail to come up with good stuff. And how’s this for pea brain; I work 30 kms away and today when I got home I realized I forgot my laptop there and had to go all the way back and get it. And the other day I forgot my jacket there. Is it possible I’m losing my marbles?

  3. Dennis, at least you remembered that you forgot. Start worrying when you forget that you forgot… :0)

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