Guest Writer Phillip Wu Is Sad In China



By Phillip Wu, reporting from China

Oh, wait, there is an economic crisis…

But what is the crisis I’m talking about? Hockey. And where does it take place? China.

China, China, China.

Why, oh why, did you have to follow basketball?
Or even soccer, The sport that consists of actors and 5 year old cry babies.

Wouldn’t it be great if hockey was celebrated everywhere around the world?
Think about it.
“Canada destroys China, 25-0, Staal tallies 14 points and Lecavalier scores 7 goals”
“China upsets Canada in a stunning 3-0 win, thanks to national hero, Phillip Wu, who scored the natural hat-trick for his country in a mind blowing victory.”

Fine, I may be sugar coating it, but, you must admit that it would be interesting.

But those days will never come, not in the near future at least.

Perhaps, the NHL should have a Chinese hockey player, then the biased country would start following this amazing sport.

But those days will never come, not in the near future at least.

Hockey, my dear friend, you will be missed.

The only way for me to watch my beloved Habs, is from a computer screen.
Yes, I have become that desperate.

No longer will I go sit on the top seats of the Bell Centre
No longer will I meet any Habs players
No longer will I go to La Cage Aux Sports
No longer will I be able to comment on the incredible, or weak play of our team with my friends

6 thoughts on “Guest Writer Phillip Wu Is Sad In China”

  1. Don’t cry Phil, it’s only a game. A wonderfully fast, exciting, emotional exhilirating roller coaster of ups and downs, highs and lows, the sweet thrill of victory and the gut wrenching agony of defeat. And pizza. And beer. You’re not missing a thing.

  2. Hey Phillip, I thought you were from Montreal, you’re supposed to be aiming for Canadian national hero. How about Canada beats China in amazing come from behind victory thanks to your natural hat-trick with the game winner in overtime? That should be good for keeping a billion people riveted to the edge of their seats watching the action.

  3. A billion people. Don’t say that too loud or Gary Bettman will put some franchises there before Canadian cities.

  4. Moey, you just needed to say that didn’t you? well… i have Ping Pong. So I’m happy.

    Actually, I’m miserable :p

  5. haha, Christopher, I wish i can play for Canada I suck way too much to play for them. So i opted for China. they’d recruit me in a second. haha

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