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Phil Wu is a Chinese fellow who grew up in Montreal but now lives in that hockey hotbed, China. That’s nice, but the problem with that is that Phil won’t be able to see his treasured Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre anymore.  I know the feeling. But I only live three thousand miles away. Phil lives about three million.

Phil reads this blog and comments often, and he has a real love and understanding of the Habs, and offers good insight about the team. And when I suggested he start up a team in China with red, white and blue uniforms, he said the players he’d recruit would only say “What’s a slapshot? Ice? What?”

I also said to Phil, why don’t you write something and I’ll post it on my site, and lo and behold, he’s done just that. So here’s Phil, reporting from China:

Habs in China?!

Hey, my name’s Phil and I lived in Montreal my whole life, but I recently moved to China for personal reasons. This is my post about international hockey play; or more specifically, the Montreal Canadiens and China.

In 2007, The NHL organized a game outside of North America: The LA Kings vs the Anaheim Ducks, in England.
So I was wondering what it would be like if the the 2009-2010 Montreal Canadiens would play in China, against a Chinese hockey team. But I suppose realistically this would never happen since the travel and time difference is too much trouble for the organizations and players.

The reason why I mention a Chinese hockey team is because the people here in China are much shorter than the people in North America. Which means faster players.

This would be a great sample for the 2009-2010 season on the Canadiens part since our beloved Habs are a much smaller team compared to their counterparts in the league, with the acquisitions of Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta, and we’ll have the smallest top line in the NHL. 

If the Bleu, Blanc, Rouge play against a undersized Chinese team, it will give us an idea of how the Habs will excel in the next season. It will tell us if size isn’t is as important as speed, and vice versa.

15 thoughts on “Guest Writer Phil Reports From China”

  1. Hey Phil;Maybe you should invent a chopstick shaped like a hockey stick and then the foks there may catch on after awhile.

  2. Derry, that’s seriously not bad idea. I’ll show it to my gramps, he’s gonna spaz out, not knowing what to do with it.

  3. Hey Phil;you could use the blade part to pick up your food(might get more that way),just don’t go to fast or you could get a penalty for high sticking or slashing.

  4. Hey Phil, I have a friend that lives in Northern China, and he has a hockey team that travels around to other cities to play other teams. Apparently there is a bit of hockey culture in the north. You can apparently get some NHL games on tv and online if you look hard enough. My friend says that you mostly only get Montreal games, as they are one of the few known teams in China. He recently brought me back a Koivu pro weight jersey that he bought for $22.00. It’s probably counterfeit of course, but it looks and feels just like the real thing.

  5. Hey Jesse, thanks alot for the info. BUT i live in the complete south, haha.
    It makes sense that the north play hockey, ’cause it’s much colder there.

    If only i can find a Carey Price jersey somewhere. it’ll take some serious searching for me to find one here.

  6. My friend brought a Price jersey back for another friend that he found in Dalian for the same price of $22.00.

  7. Oh man, too bad Dalian is far from where i live, Dongguan.

    If I visit there, I will searh for a Carey Price Jersey

    In Carey We Trust.

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