Grueling Days

NHL owners and the NHLPA need a big break. They’ve been working nearly six hours a day for two days now. SIX HOURS. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’ll bet they’re losing weight from this brutal schedule.This must be why Gary Bettman is shrinking.

No wonder they’re not punching in for today’s meetings until the afternoon. They need to sleep in. Regroup. Catch their breath. Drink some lattes. Read the newspaper. Tip the butler. Pat the wife on the head. Nap. Choose the right tie. Dream about the day when everything gets settled and they don’t have to work such long hours anymore. Never forget, these folks must have put in a ghastly 50 hours or so since last June, struggling to have an agreement in place so fans can watch hockey again. They’re practically saints in my book.

The NHL should raise ticket prices and charge fifteen bucks for a glass of beer to ease the burden. We’ll work more hours at our own jobs so they can be contented and happy. We’ll do anything to see Rene Bourque put the hammer down and Scott Gomez bulge the twine. And I personally can’t wait to witness Tomas Kaberle once again crush all comers as they streak down his side of the ice.

I sure hope this third day of meetings doesn’t go six hours like the other days. We need all concerned to be healthy and happy so they can bless us with so much.




4 thoughts on “Grueling Days”

  1. I’m surprised they don’t hold the negotiations at centre ice of the ACC. They could fill the arena charging $200 a seat along with the $15 beers and $8 popcorn or Cokes. More and better action than watching the Leafs play.

  2. Hey Dennis,I like Christopher’s response,what a way to make some trash money while the league is down,and yes that would be more exciting then watching the Make Believes play.

  3. Dennis, it makes my day worse seeing photos of these idiots like Fehr, Bettmann sitting at the table. And why the fuck have someone like Sydney Crosby as part of your negotiating team. The kid is like 23 years old and probably dumb as a brick. It makes more sense to have the veterans front and centre instead of a pee wee light weight. Fucking players’ approach is idiotic. No wonder they’re getting nowhere. The blind is leading the blind. What a stupid situation. I am not going to attend another live game for at least 5 years. And if I do it will be in Anaheim or LA. Fuck the Canadian prices. I thought Canadians were more honest and ethical than the Americans. Fuck hockey. I don’t miss it. But the Leafs are undefeated! That photo was hilarious, Dennis.

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