Arrgg, Grrrrrrr

Maybe Sidney should be careful about the way he’s been talking to the big lug lately.

Thanks to Hobo for sending this pic along. Imagine how funny it would be if we actually saw this?


It’s kind of like Andre the Giant throwing some poor mortal around. Andre lived in Montreal at one time, wrestled at the Forum, and I like to think he was a Habs fan. So no way am I comparing this gentle giant to the guy in Boston.

Anyway, Chara’s a mere 6’9″, 255 lbs. Andre the Giant was 7’4″, 424 lbs and would have crushed the wee lad.

Andre was 46 when he passed away due to heart failure in 1993.


2 thoughts on “Arrgg, Grrrrrrr”

  1. Andre The Giant was originally known as Giant Jean Ferrier (sp) when he first came over to North American & lived in Montreal/Quebec. The CFL Als offered him a tryout for the team since he would have been considered a non import since he did not play any NA football if he made the team. Did not take Montreal up on the tryout since he could not take the pay cut due to the money he made from wrestling…..

  2. Martin, wow, he would’ve made a powerful football player. Who could budge him? I heard he was a really good guy. Friendly sort. Or at least I think it was him. Maybe I’m confused with someone else. He died too young. 46 is way too young. But he was too big. I hope he cheered for the Habs.

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