Grizzly Sundin

On the left is Canadian biologist Gord Stenhouse holding a young grizzly bear. Stenhouse tags and studies these cute little critters before they grow into big things that would rip Stenhouse to shreds in a matter of seconds. 

Beside him is Mats Sundin, ex-Nordique, Leaf, and short-lived Vancouver Canuck, and a guy who also likes grizzly bears. 

This picture was in the Saturday, August 13th edition of the Vancouver Sun that I stole from the lunchroom table at work.

Remember the summer of 2008 when the Toronto Maple Leafs gave Bob Gainey and the Canadiens exclusive rights to negotiate with Mats Sundin? It didn’t get done, as we all know, and it wasn’t until January of 2009 before Sundin finally chose Vancouver after about ten teams tried to get him for some inexplicable reason. Talk about general managers gone wild.

Thank goodness Montreal couldn’t get a deal done with this Swede. He was 37 years old, and after finally signing with Vancouver, played just 41 games  and recorded a lousy 9 goals and 19 assists, all for five million dollars.

He then retired, and I guess, grew fond of grissly bears.



8 thoughts on “Grizzly Sundin”

  1. I’d much rather get a player like Sundin when he’s in his prime instead of at the end of his career. It’s one reason I’m glad we didn’t get Jagr after all. There is a chance he may have been ok, but I get the feeling he’s going to end up a being a big bust.

  2. The thought of spending $5 million to get only 9 goals and 19 assists is a grisly one.

    It’s about as bad as seven goals and 37 assists for $7 million/year.

    All I know is Scott Gomez had better come roaring out of his hibernation this season.

  3. Gomez better, Danno. Another lousy year where he doesn’t help his team and we’re not going to take it anymore. Maybe we’ll rise up.Another poor year and I say the Canadiens eat the salary and send him elsewhere.

  4. I can’t believe that he shot a little bear cub like that. It’s one thing to shoot a full grown grizzly that’s lived it’s full life, but to shoot a little cub that hasn’t had a chance to eat berries, and salmon is sickening. I’m assuming he was doing it for sport, and not for any type of research like Gord Stenhouse was doing. That little bear was probably not even a year old. Happy the Habs never signed such a sycophant. The Grizzly isn’t even as big as Sundin’s torso. Go back to IKEA Sundin. Maybe that’s where the Swedish meatballs come from.

  5. Hi Jesse. In fairness to Sundin, it was never mentioned in the article that he shot the cub. I’m assuming that he was tagging them like Stenhouse was doing. At least I hope that’s what he was doing. If I thought he actually shot that little critter I would’ve been outraged and come out with guns blazing. I’m also happy he never signed with Montreal. For awhil he was being treated like the second coming of Rocket Richard and I wasn’t sure why. And he sat back and let all these GM’s fight among themselves for the honour of signing him. I thought he could help Montreal but not as a superstar. He was too old for one thing. As it was, he waited like royalty until January before gracing his presence in Vancouver. The whole episode just smelled.

  6. The second coming of Rocket Richard? If people actually thought that then they’ve never seen either of these guys in action. Sundin had talent, but the Rocket could actually pull people out of their seats just by going forward with the puck.

    Guy Lafleur was able to do that and one guy who is able to get people excited like that now is PK Subban.

    One thing that really drives me insane about Gomez is his lack of caring. Look at him on the bench sometimes. The guy is always laughing, even if it’s a terrible loss. I remember the game we lost to Boston 7-0 (the one right after the Pacioretty hit): he was -4 for the night and the team was being humiliated and there he was shown on tv laughing away on the bench.

    Right away I knew if it had been anyone else: Richard, Lafleur, etc…they would have been sitting there looking absolutely furious. Heck, if Richard had been there he probably would have scored 8 on his own because he was so pissed off!

  7. Darth, about Gomez. I hate that smile too and I’ve thought about that,(and written about it) many times. I don’t like it. I also don’t like it when he gets close to a scuffle and waves his stick from about three feet away and laughs and backs away. And Rocket – man, not only would he have popped a few but he was also an accomplished boxer and would flatten people.

  8. I agree 100% with what Darth said especially about PK Subban being one of those rare hockey players who gets people out of their seats when carrying the puck up the ice.

    PK is electrifying.

    I’m so glad he’s a Hab.

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