Grey Cup Day. And Gray Skies For Max?

It’s Grey Cup day, which for me doesn’t even mean just the game itself. It’s as Canadiana as there is, even when Baltimore won it in 1995, although I wasn’t overly thrilled by that moment. What the heck were teams like Baltimore, Las Vegas and the Memphis Mad Dogs doing in the league in the first place? Oh, I know. Expansion to the US would mean money and glitter, and the CFL folks, who may have been in some sort of altered state at the time, thought there might be mass acceptance of the Canadian game down south, where there’s the NFL and then the NFL.


The Grey Cup is as Canadian as Don Cherry, Steven Harper, and PJ Stock.

Oh wait, in that case I hate the Grey Cup.

I’m not even a big football fan, although I’ve watched it off and on since the days of Russ Jackson and Sam Etcheverry. Take away hockey and baseball becomes my sport.

Damn I miss the Expos.

I was at a Grey Cup game once, back in 1988 at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, and coincidentally, it involved the same two teams as the ones suiting up for today – Winnipeg and BC. My ex-brother-in-law and I sat in portable end zone seats, and the only thing that stands out in my mind is the Saskatchewan Roughrider fan dressed in green with a huge hat on his head that sent fire four feet into the air when he pressed a button.

Lots of Powell Riverites are in Vancouver for this clash today, but there’s no way I even considered making this trip. I need to save my money for the Habs’ visit to Vancouver on March 10th.


In just a few more days, Wednesday I think, I’ll draw the names of the three winners of the gift packs from Scotiabank. Like I explained before at  Win Some Stuff, all it takes is a comment on any post and you’re entered.


Max Pacioretty may have some kind of suspension coming up, compliments of his hit on Kris Letang that broke the Penguins rearguard’s nose. I don’t see the problem. Letang needed a face-job anyway.

But expect a suspension of some sort because Max is a Montreal Canadien, not a Boston Bruin. Milan Lucic got nothing after giving Ryan Miller a concussion. Max improved Letang’s looks, and the guy came back and scored the winning goal in overtime. So what’s the problem?

PJ Stock is such an asshole. He’s calling for a Max suspension, even though Max apologized to Letang right away and has expressed concern about the damage done. PJ says, what, all you have to do is say you’re sorry and you get away with it? Well, PJ. It’s much better than the smirks and jokes that came out of Lucic’s mouth.

PJ, you live in Montreal. Why do you go overboard on the Habs? Did they ruin your childhood or something?


20 thoughts on “Grey Cup Day. And Gray Skies For Max?”

  1. There have been worse hits than the one Max doled out on Letang, that’s for darn sure. It was the kind of hit that can go either way, and if Max gets suspended for it, I’ll be OK with the ruling as long as every player who tries the same kind of hit also gets a suspension.

  2. Thanks Dennis for acknowledging the Grey Cup. I can’t believe how many people don’t even know the game is happening. I remember when both CBC and CTV would air the game live. It was too important a game to be on only one over-the-air channel/network. What was CTV airing the past two weeks during the CFL play-off games? Boring mid-season NFL games. Meanwhile they were relegating the vastly superior and exciting CFL games to TSN. If they were to spend a fraction of what they spend advertising the NFL, the Grey Cup could become the event it was and deserves to be. Instead they just perpetuate the misconception that the Canadian game is inferior. It’s not the game that makes the Super Bowl so “super”, it’s the hype.

  3. Agree, Chris. I like the CFL game much better, and I can’t stand the NFL hype. It’s out of control. If only Americans realized how good the Canadian game is.

  4. i attended 1 grey cup game in toronto. my buddy was a photographer for reuters news and he would shove a camera in my hand , get me an official pass and i would do various sporting events with him. i watched that one from anywhere on the sidelines i wanted. i also got to see tons of nhl games with my phony privileged position. the most remembered being the first game of the nhl referee strike when they brought in all the scab referees. it was at the senators old arena at lansdowne against the habs. the photographers would do the 1st. period and take off back to the office to get their photos out early trying to get a jump on the action and get one of their photos picked up. of course i would stay and watch the game which was the reason i went in the first place. on that night after the 1st period he said i’m going back to the office give me your film. the next day he called me to tell me one of my photos had been picked up and published in various newspapers across the country. i had visions of a new exiting career but he didn’t use my real name “hobo”. he said he used the name reginald billings…… alas, no new career for hobo.

  5. PJ also didn’t see anything wrong with Chara nearly killing Max, even when they showed the extra shove replay that made Ron MacLean look like he was about to puke on air.

    PJ.’s son is a DIE HARD Habs fan so HA sucker.

    I’m so upset that jerk’s name is in Centennial Plaza…. Maybe we can put tape over it.

  6. Hobo, what kind of life is it to be a Reuters photographer? Is it great money? Lots of travel? It sounds great but I really don’t know.

  7. Right on, 31. PJ’s a bit of an idiot. He definitely dislikes the Habs and loves the Bruins. He just rubs me the wrong way.

  8. Hobo, what, no Reuters groupies? I thought there were groupies for every profession except ferry workers.

  9. PJ Stock used to have a radio show a few years back on Team990 now TSN990 in Montreal & used to critizize The Habs & praise The Bruins and surprise suprise the telephone lines would light up…..

  10. Congratulations BC on the cup win.

    Hab fans should take this as inspiration. The Lions started the year zero for shit and are now champions. We too can turn around our shitty start and be celebrating with our Cup when the Lions next take the field.

  11. What gets me is that Canada is a big country. Are you telling me that PJ and Milbury are the best you can find? TSN is much better in comparison. The only thing I really like about HNIC is that the production values are good and Elliotte Friedman. The cheap sobs wouldn’t even cough up the dough to retain the rights to the theme song we love so well. Thank god TSN and RDS have it. It still feels wrong seeing it there rather than it’s old spot though.

  12. Great point, Chris. It’s not too late to get something big going. I also think Brian Gionta as captain has a responsibility to lead his troops.

  13. I know, Darth. I wonder that too. Can’t they find a handful of excellent people? PJ Stock – geez.

  14. I have to say I really hate his McDonald’s commericals we see now. Just terrible.

    I’d rather see that crummy Cheetah one ten times over than one of those.

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