9 thoughts on “Gretzky Jersey Update”

  1. Do you think I’m not in mourning, Marjo? Do you think that I didn’t ponder for hours about what to write the day after they were eliminated, after I’d just done a long piece on how there was great promise ahead? Do you think that maybe I thought a Gretzky jersey currently at $126,000.00 might be interesting for some people? Do you think that after 4000 posts (some repeats) that sometimes it’s difficult to post something every day that will suit everyone?

  2. I won a Travis Moen game-used stick from the Habs Children auction. It was in four FedEx tubes. I know customs has me on a watch list now…

    Just curious, how many have bid on that Jersey?

  3. Mike, good for you for winning the stick. And so far, there’ve been 18 bids on the jersey. Classic is in the Guinness Book of Records for selling the most valuable piece ever – Paul Henderson’s 1972 Summit Series jersey he wore in Moscow, which went for 1.25 million.

  4. Unless you’re answering my sarcasm with more sarcasm, that’s what my comment was. I think you know I would never insult you.

  5. And I was just teasing Dennis. It’s remarkable how you put something out everyday and we really appreciate it.

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