Gregory Stewart Has A Chance To Make An Impact. Like Fergie Did.


With all due-respect to Habs hitman Georges Laraque, the newly-signed Gregory Stewart just may pick up the slack and do the job Georges was brought to Montreal to do – police, enforce, and get nasty on many a night when the game calls for nastiness.

And I say “with all due-respect” because the last thing I want is Georges mad at me. I don’t want him to beat me up. Georges can beat up pretty well everybody in the world, can’t he? Maybe there’s a couple of heavyweight boxers out there, and possibly Gerry Barber if he was still alive. But I think that might be it.

Stewart’s now the unofficial team tough guy. Georges has been hurt too often, has hands of stone, sits on the bench mostly, and smiles a lot as he begs someone to drop their gloves with him. But that’s not what the team needs. They need a John Ferguson. Someone who can skate, score a little, have that look in their eyes, breathe fire, and scare the living daylights out of most. And now Gregory Stewart has been given the opportunity to do this. (Note: Ferguson was basically a 15 to 20 goal scorer most years, even reaching 29 once. We don’t expect this of Stewart. Just the rest of it.)

John Ferguson mauling Toronto's Pete Stemkowski. Now just substitute Fergie with Stewart and Stemkowski with Mike Komisarek.
John Ferguson mauling Toronto's Pete Stemkowski. Now just substitute Fergie with Stewart and Stemkowski with Mike Komisarek.

What a confidence booster this must be for the young guy. He’s brought in and he knows he can make an impact if he does it right. All he has to do is do what’s mentioned above, plus check, work hard, go in the corners, punch the odd guy in the mouth, and protect the smaller, more skilled guys from the rogues who inhabit the league. And if he does all this, and does it well, he could become a star, a crowd favourite, and all without scoring more than a handful of goals.

Laraque’s problem is that most opposing players won’t fight him. He’s also not a great skater or playmaker, and he’s injury-prone. He would have made a huge difference if he’d been healthy and had gotten into some serious scraps, threw some jaw-breaking haymakers, and made people drip blood from their noses. But it wasn’t to be. He’s been a disappointment. But Georges, I didn’t say that. I think others did, but not me. I don’t want you mad at me. I’m sorry. I love animals too.

If Gregory Stewart fits the role perfectly, you watch how the team will play. It’s all very exciting. And wouldn’t if be fun to see the young fellow KO Mike Komisarek in game one of the season?

Fergie and Boston's Ted Green duke it out. This could be Stewart and Milan Lucic!
Fergie and Boston's Ted Green duke it out. This could be Stewart and Milan Lucic!

11 thoughts on “Gregory Stewart Has A Chance To Make An Impact. Like Fergie Did.”

  1. I remember Stewart in the last season game against the Leafs in 2008. He started scrapping as the final seconds ticked away. I thought it was a really smart move, I sure noticed him. On the Laraque front I’m cutting him some slack for last season because of his injuries. I also think Jacques Martin might know how to use him more effectively, Carbo never seemed to know what to do with him. That being said, it will all come down to Georgie’s back problems, I hope he gets that sorted out in time for training camp.

  2. Good comments, Moey. I’d like to see George do better too, and two tough guys would be double trouble. Thanks.

  3. I’d love to see Georges do better…. and have a good year.

    I’m rooting for the guy. Really. (Don’t punch me either please!)


    Maybe when Georges is in the lineup, Martin will be direct in giving him his orders…. “don’t be a nice guy on the ice…. just off the ice”…

    When Montreal plays teams that’ll want bring some nasty…. they’re a bit bigger then they were… despite what I read on some Leaf blogs.

    Stewart and Moen playing together would be pretty gritty…. plus on the back Komi is pretty much swapped for Mara…. and Gill adds a touch more big and nasty then last year….

    If Georges decides to be a little meaner this year and his back is ok, Montreal will have a team that can get a little dirty.. for sure.

    One thing I like about Moen and Stewart…. take liberties with the team and they’re not going to invite you to fisticuffs…. you just better be ready.

    Rooting for you Georges! Serious!

  4. Stewie has dealt with the nastiest of McNasties out there on all levels. Poor kid still wants an NHL goal though… Time for the boys to sacrifice his stick. Hey it worked for Gorges!

  5. Georges and Stewart – both mean at the same time. That would spell big trouble for other teams. I’d like to see that. Go Georges.

  6. I don’t agree with the comparison of Mara to Komo. Mara, if the various compilation videos are accurate, is by far a better fighter. He reminds me a bit of Quintal, a big guy who would drop the gloves when necessary and hold his own. Now Stewart and Moen? John Ferguson is probably pumping his fist somewhere in approval. Again from looking at the clips of Moen he’ll drop them without hesitation to stick up for a teammate, kinda like Tom the Bomb but with a better win record. In one of the clips of Stewart he goes after Ott after Koivu gets knocked down. The commentator, from Dallas, said it was a stupid penalty but he couldn’t have been more wrong. Are you paying attention Lucy? Whatcha gonna do Lucy when habamania comes lookin for you?

  7. DK, Refer back to your archives, I touched on that very topic last year .He brought grit & fear into into those who dared to intimadate any of his team-mates but also played on the top line with Les Gros Bill,Why because he was a complete player not just a goon !
    Cheers from the East !!!!

  8. It’ll be fun to see Stewie pound Dou$harek (or any other despicable leaf), maybe even Lucic-style.

  9. So many of us would smile a big smile. I hope he’s the real deal. Montreal needs someone like this.

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