Great Old Hockey Coins

This is my set of Sherriff/Salada hockey coins from 1961-62 which I’ve had since I was eleven years old. They came in Jello and potato chips, and I pressured my mom to buy handfuls of Jello instead of just one or two. So we had a kitchen cupboard with lots of open boxes of Jello in it. I also ate more potato chips than any one human should possibly eat.

At school we would play closest to the wall, just like hockey cards, and I was sad when my coins would dwindle. But on the other hand, if I went back to class after recess with dozens more than I had started out with, then all was right with the world. I think it was one of the best feelings in the world, actually.

You could send away to the company for the shields, which I did, but after putting them in their slots and trying to hang them on the wall, most would fall out because they didn’t fit well. So I added small amounts of glue to the backs. When you see these coins in their shields on eBay, which you don’t see very often, most have been glued like mine.

These plastic hockey coins began the year before, in 1960-61 and I had a bunch of them, but not anymore. They also came out as metal coins in 1962-63, and I still have the full set of these. And there were no shields available for these other years.

The coins made a comeback in 1967, but I don’t think they became all the rage like they were in the earlier years. These later coins have become quite rare and valuable because, I suppose, there just weren’t that many.

Baseball and football also had their own coins, as did old cars and airplanes and flags. But it’s the hockey coins I cherished the most.







7 thoughts on “Great Old Hockey Coins”

  1. Great to see the familiar faces from the original six…most people would be able to rattle the names of all the players names…unlike today…i would be hard pressed to name all the members of les Canadiens.
    Wonder what the combined salaries of all the players on the original six back 1961-62 would amount to?
    Kinda telling that i’m not too excited about the NHL these days…sorry.

  2. I’m not overly excited either, Ed, although I have to say the 2010 playoff run was as exciting as can be. Heart stopping. And that’s what I want again.

  3. Dennis, you may recall I contacted you a couple or so years ago about acquiring a set of these coins including the shields. I was successful in buying the full set of coins but was unable to find the shields for sale.
    I had collected this version of the coins back in 61-62 with the shields. When I left home and married, I left all my coin and card collection behind. I understand a younger sibling has my coin collection but I don’t want to start a conflict over these.
    If any readers now of shields for sale, please let Dennis know as he has my contact information. THANKS for the memories.

  4. HI Dennis

    I too have the same set of coins and shields. For years I kept them lying flat in a box until I decided to figure out a way to display them. I took them to a local picture framing place where the guy placed them between two sheets of glass. For the most part that kept everything in place however we went through two moves since then and in the shuffle, a couple of the coins are slightly ajar from the shield openings.

    I’ll send a photo to you at your email address as I don’t know how to do an attachment here.

  5. Don’t leave us hangin’ here Dennis. What would that Lennon sheet be worth today?

    Any regrets on selling it?

  6. I’m not sure what it would sell for now, Joel. Maybe double what I got. Maybe triple. I don’t know. Yes I have a small regret, but not a lot.It got me a great rec room, and when it came time to sell the house we did well because the basement was so nice. I’m working on having no regrets now but it’s not easy. Some regrets have eaten at me for a long time and it’s not healthy. I’m trying to let everything go so it doesn’t kill me.

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