Great, Great Olympic Pictures. And Where I Work, Whether You Like It Or Not

I have to get these in because first of all, they’re amazingly beautiful. Secondly, they came out in the Boston Globe. And thirdly, the first picture is where I work, and I was working that morning when the torch went through.

Yes, yes, I know. This is a Habs blog. So I’ll just say this; almost everyone who works here – ticket agents, terminal attendants, deckhands, officers, catering crew, engineers, captains – are Vancouver Canucks fans. (Although a few hate hockey). I have no one to talk to about the Habs. That’s why you guys are so important.

The Boston Globe ran some incredibly beautiful pictures recently from the Olympics, including the one below which is where I work, at the Saltery Bay Ferry terminal. This picture was taken from the ferry.

They’re all right here, at Olympic photos. Have a look. Trust me, they’re unbelievable.

8 thoughts on “Great, Great Olympic Pictures. And Where I Work, Whether You Like It Or Not”

  1. Hey Dennis,It looks like I will be travelling aboard your ship next friday,I have an appointment in Vancouver on the 26th and I will head to Savory island that same day.I do’t know if you’ll be working or not but if you are I’ll say hello,playing hockey in Gold River this weekend.My brother is playing in the oldtimer tourney in Powell River at the end of the month,not sure when.

  2. That’s some awfully green background scenery for February. Please post more photos in lush, sunny summer. VANOC, Vancouver/Whistler and all of BC deserve a lot of credit for hosting such a wonderful event despite the summery weather. And still 3 more days.

    Dennis you bring up a bit of a conundrum. Which is worse, someone who hates the Canadiens or someone who hates hockey? Both are obviously wrong, but is one worse?

  3. This is a question that can’t be answered, I think. A person is bad if he hates the Canadiens and also bad if he hates hockey. But he’s worse if he likes the Canucks. Why is life so complicated?

  4. I’m glad you didn’t say”SHE” likes the Canucks…… hating please. I’d enjoy the Habs more if they came to Vanc. and really…you know, played good hockey. How can anyone not enjoy hockey? Go Canucks GO!

  5. I was going to comment on the awesome pics, Dennis….then you sidetracked me with that diss…….you really know how to stir the pot, don’t you….Saltery Bay never looked so good,

  6. I’ll have to agree with Dennis on that one. Canucks fans are the most delirious ones. They think they have a standing chance at the cup. Ha. That’s funny.

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