Great Gift From Marc, Great Goal From Lambert

The other day, owner and founder of Classic Auctions (and my boss), Marc Juteau, came into my office and gave me a beautiful vintage style (with fight strap) Yvon Lambert store model sweater, signed on the crest, which came from a Lambert charity golf tournament.

It was really nice of Marc to do this, and I greatly appreciate it.

When we talk about the unreal night of May 10, 1979, game seven of the semi-finals when Don Cherry and the Bruins were called for “too many men on the ice”, we first think of the  Habs power play that followed, capped off by Guy Lafleur tying the game and sending it into overtime.

Nine minutes in, it was Lambert winning it after taking a pass from Mario Tremblay.

Lambert wasn’t finished there either. Two weeks later, he would net the Stanley Cup winner against the New York Rangers.




6 thoughts on “Great Gift From Marc, Great Goal From Lambert”

  1. Good morning Dennis! To celebrate 25 years with my local school board I was given a nice inscribed Leatherman multi-tool. The women also celebrating 25 years received a necklace or something like that. I’d rather have gotten a signed hab’s jersie!

  2. Hey Dennis, What a nice gesture on your boss’s part. Yes a lot of people only remember the Lafleur goal in 79, but it was Lambert who put them into the finals. I met him in 2099 in the Bell Centre and be was as big as he was in 79 thirty years previous. A good guy and a great hockey player, hang onto that one buddy.

  3. Funny stuff, DJ. I had to Google Leatherman multi-tool and it’s pretty good, pretty handy, but like you, a signed Habs jersey is much better. Although having your multi-tool inscribed makes it pretty darn good. Maybe when you retire you’ll get an inscribed shop vac!

  4. Hi Derry. Yes, it was a nice gesture, and it’s a great sweater. Really like it andmaybe I’ll wear it to a game sometime. I’ve never met Lambert but I know he’s come in to our office from time to time, and his wife does too. So maybe I’ll meet both of them at some point.

  5. Yes, what a great deal, Mike. Let me think about it for awhile………..Okay, I’ve thought about it. Sorry.:-)

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