Great Friends Ease The Pain

We sat in a bar in Ottawa and watched our Habs lose 6-2 to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Luciena, Heather, Jim, Angus, Danno, myself, Christopher, and Gail who had to go and Marc who had yet to come. We sat and watched Carey Price pulled again in favour of Alex Auld. We sat and saw another feeble effort from everyone. (No one gets off scot-free on this night). We sat and drank liquids and talked hockey, and the gang that can’t shoot straight disappointed once again on a night when they weren’t supposed to disappoint.

The beer was cold, though.

Am I supposed to analyze line match-ups, or ice times, or who should have started in net? This sort of thing has been done all season by hockey people everywhere. It’s too late. Jacques Martin can skate them until their pads fall off but it won’t help now. They have to get this done themselves, in their own way.

We can criticize and analyze and crucify and chastize. It’s all for naught at this stage of the game.

Let them be the ones to climb out of this ongoing late-season pathetic plunge. All we can do is sit back, drink cold beer with great friends, and hope the boys quickly find a way back to dry land.

Random Notes:

Mike Cammalleri and PK Subban were the Habs marksmen. Is that interesting?

Pretty well everyone stunk. Carey Price was yanked, but goals from Carolina came from giveaways, mistakes in Montreal’s end by guys supposed to be helping, not hindering, and various screen shots. 

Did I mention the beer was cold?

Thanks to everyone who came out to Liam Maguire’s for this special night. Aside from the score, it was a tremendous night full of good cheer and hockey talk. Jim tried to go on about his Senators but we didn’t listen.

Being with these great folks softened the blow of a pathetic, lacklustre, and ongoing ridiculous display of sad hockey by the Canadiens.

Where has James Wisniewski disappeared to? He was going so good.

Next up – Saturday in New Jersey. My prediction? The team will go there.

Tomorrow we head for Orillia, with a stop near Peterborough to see Hobo and other friends first, after a fine and dandy six days in Ottawa.

12 thoughts on “Great Friends Ease The Pain”

  1. Thanks a lot Dennis and everyone for the enjoyable evening. It was nice to meet up with some new friends for a good talk and beer. It would have been perfect if the team had stepped up and given us something to cheer about. Instead, I turned my back, and concentrated on the talk and beer, both of which more than kept up their end of the deal.

  2. Chris, it was tremendous meeting you and the others. And you were just as interesting and nice in person as you are on these pages. Hope to see you again.

  3. Great to see you again Dennis after all those years away from Ottawa. You haven’t changed a bit.
    When Heather and I take that Alaska cruise if we don’t get a chance to meet up. look for the Habs flag hanging from the balcony as we sail by your place.
    All the best to you and Luciena.
    JW and Heather

  4. *I don’t think Sopel was a good catch

    *They gotta keep PK on the PP all the time

    *Our defense sucks

    *Our offense is so frustrating to watch. How many pucks NEARLY went in?

    I lost my passion somewhat. Sorry to say but I don’t think the team will go far this year and it’s my feeling that many out there are resigned to this as well. Sigh.

  5. Dennis, drinking cold beer with good friends is a fine way to spend the evening. The hockey was secondary. Let’s hope they rally after hearing your words of disappointment.

    Enjoy your next stop, Orillia!

  6. JW. So great to see Heather and you. Forget about the Senators. Come back to the bright side.

  7. Marjo, I’m with you about Sopel. He’s given up several pucks for goals and has no offence whatsoever. But I’m going to continue to keep the faith.

  8. Diane, I’m at an old buddy’s house (Hobo) now halfway between Ottawa and Orillia. Great house. Never seen anything like it in my life. Gorgeous, with huge beams on the ceilings all over the place. Orillia in the morning!

  9. Dennis, that was a key game and the noose tightens a little bit more. Mostly because Carolina wanted to win more than Montreal did.

    Instead of solidifying a spot in the playoffs, the Habs now find themselves looking over their shoulders as their fans continue to bite their nails down to the bone.

    The Habs were sitting pretty a couple of weeks ago with a real chance to win third place in the Eastern Conference. But that chance has gradually slipped away from them and now the unthinkable is becoming a real possibility.

    Now we’re stuck scoreboard watching and the numbers are cause for concern. The Habs have four games left to play in the schedule while the Canes have five. Their magic number is three, meaning any combination of Habs’ wins and Canes’ losses adding up to three results in the Habs clinching a spot.

    It’s easy to get upset, but I’ve decided to reserve judgment — for now. We will forgive them all, (even Gomez) if they win the next 20 games.


    Dennis, it was a delightful evening. Gail and I were pleased to find out that you are a very nice guy in real life, and not just on the internet. And it was also a pleasure to meet your lovely wife Luciena as well as some of the folks who frequent your site. They’re all really fine people and we had a great time in spite of the Habs losing so badly. (What a nice picture!). Thanks go out to everybody for making the get-together so much fun.

    And don’t worry about the Habs Dennis. I now have an amazing hockey card with the Rocket’s picture on it. It’s in a special place and is already working its magic.

    The power of the Rocket is going to turn things around!

    Hope all is well and that you and Luciena have a wonderful trip.

    Give Luciena a big hug for us.

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