4 thoughts on “Grass Cutting”

  1. Tabarnoosh!….surprised they didn’t lock you up…throw away the key..and no chance of parole till the Leafs won the Stanley Cup!…Dennis, where haven’t you live in Canada…did the witness protection program keep you on the move?

  2. Ed, let me do some counting. There was Orillia, Powell River, Toronto, Sudbury, Powell River again, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Powell River again, Montreal, and Powell River again. I’ll get back to you if I think of any more!

  3. Dang Dennis, you was a gypsy with a Montreal Canadiens fetish all these years. Tabernacle – Oops , that was once labelled a swear word in Quebec . I remember a Saturday morning having crossed the Chaudiere bridge from Ottawa into Hull. For some reason I pulled off to the curb where 4 city guys were doing some work. I had my car window down and could plainly hear everything they said. I had/ have never heard such a litany of swear words like that ever since. I ‘d better get to cutting grass. Huh, I don’t think so, a shovel for snow is the calling.

  4. Orville, I crossed different bridges between Ottawa and Hull countless times. I lived in Ottawa and worked for four years at the E.B. Eddy mill in Hull.

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