Grant Warwick Was In Montreal Just Long Enough To Have A Bee Hive

Grant Warwick came in the mail the other day. No, not the player, he died in 2000. It was the Bee Hive photo. And anyway, I don’t think the person would’ve fit through my mail slot.

Warwick’s professional career saw him with the Rangers from 1941 to 1948, then a couple of years in Boston before his short stint in Montreal where he scored two goals and six assists in 26 games, and therein lies the reason his Bee Hive is a tough one to find. Kids, including me, bugged our moms to buy lots of Beehive Corn Syrup so we could send in the little labels and get our favourite players like the Rocket and Jean Beliveau. Everybody went after the big names, and so there are lots of these out there still.

But no one wanted a Grant Warwick Beehive. Heck, he only played 26 games and scored two goals. Why would we?

Although Warwick played nine seasons in the NHL, he very much made a name for himself as player-coach of the 1955 Penticton Vees, a senior team who beat the Soviet Union to win the gold at the World Championships in Germany. His brothers Bill and Dick were his linemates in this historic tournament. The Penticton Vees played in the BC Okanagan Senior League and had been chosen to represent Canada after winning the Allan Cup.

5 thoughts on “Grant Warwick Was In Montreal Just Long Enough To Have A Bee Hive”

  1. Hey Dennis ,Intresting article,I always find anything with hockey history intresting.I know that a nephew of one of the famour Warwick brothers used to live in Gold Riverhe has since passed on but his children are around the province and his wifestill lives in Gold River.I think his daughter lives in Powell River ,although I dont know her married name.I went to school with her in grade eleven.Just tought you might like that bit of trivia.
    I forgot to mention that when I was in Regina I met up with Liam Mguire,the trivia king of the hockey world and a huge Habs fan.I used to keep in touch with him for a few years and was supposed to meet him when I was in Ottawa a couple of years ago,but he had to leave town at short notice.He did remember this and we had a good bullshit there.

  2. Thanks, Derry. I wonder who the daughter is in Powell River. What’s Maguire doing now? I haven’t seen him on anything in several years at least.

  3. Hey Dennis,I will be in Gold River this weekend(to play hockey)I will try and find out as I know her mother.

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