Gorges Saves The Day

It wasn’t the most exciting hockey game ever played.

In fact, I’ll bet many eyelids drooped, especially from those in the building who don’t have hockey fever, but excitement doesn’t matter at this point. A much-needed Canadiens win was the order of the day, and thanks to Josh Gorges who buried one from the slot, the Habs get the two points they came for, and for the time being, the ship is righted ever so slightly.

The snowbirds wearing their Canadiens sweaters at the Jobing.com Arena were sent home happy after Gorges ended it with a 3-2 score, and I’m sure the players breathed a huge sigh of relief after losing the past two games. They heard the boos at the Bell the other night, and it hurts their ears.

But I suppose if you want to look at the glass as half full, the boys have won five of their last seven games.

And you thought they were lousy.

Phoenix opened the scoring in the first period, and then Tomas Plekanec was helped off the ice after slamming awkwardly into the boards. Sure, why not, I thought. Once again, the team isn’t scoring and a key guy gets injured. Just another day at the office.

But Pleks came back in the second, a black cloud was lifted, and he proceeded to work hard on the boards to the side of the Coyotes net, which led to Brian Gionta grabbing the puck, sweeping around, and tying it up. It was a nice goal, a heads-up play by the captain, and the snowbirds took the toothpicks out of their eyelids.

Travis Moen then put the Habs ahead with a great shot, and you have to wonder why Moen is able to find the back of the net on occasion (5 so far) but many of the so-called marksmen can’t. Maybe he has extra determination that others don’t. Good upbringing? Maybe he’ll score 30!

Phoenix tied it in the third, but Gorges’ heroics in overtime quickly ended any Coyotes ideas of sending those snowbirds home unhappy.

Now it’s off to Music City U.S.A to take on those Preds on Saturday, and I’m expecting a revitalized Habs team after Gorges woke them up to the fact that winning is much better than losing. I’m tired of the rollar coaster ride and am looking forward to the day when losing is a rare and uncomfortable feeling. I’m also wondering if Faith Hill will be in the stands.

They’re a mirage, this team. A slight-of-hand magic trick. We thought they stunk, but like I said, that’s five wins in seven games. How come that looks good when they’ve looked so bad?

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 36-34 Habs.

Only three penalties in the entire game – Gionta and Lars Eller with two of them, and that might have been a major factor in the less-than-exciting affair. And imagine, just two Habs penalties. What a nice change.

And of course the Habs didn’t score on their one power play.



18 thoughts on “Gorges Saves The Day”

  1. I don’t know if Faith Hill will be there but Carrie Underwood might be. Nicole Kidman and her husband (name escapes me right now) may be there as well.

    When the Predators were eliminated in the playoffs Carrie cried a lot. I think she was more upset that Fisher was. Let’s hope we upset her on Saturday!

    The game last night was probably the most boring one I’ve seen us play this season. I think it’s the arena.

    Our record hasn’t been bad lately but it’s funny that it feels like anything but.

  2. You can look at the glass half empty too. The Habs have won five of their last ten games. The loser point they got for the OT loss to Toronto puts them slightly over .500 for that period.

    But winning five out of the last seven does indicate an improvement.

    You’re right about the Habs. They are hard to figure out.

    I thought the season was over when Tomas Plekanec went down. Seeing him re-emerge in the second period was the answer to our prayers. The win was just gravy on top of that.

    Here is Plekanec being interviewed by the lovely and charming Evelyne Audet on Habs TV after the game. Plekanec explains he was in a bit of pain after the hit he suffered in the first period and points to his shoulder – (or maybe was just scratching it). Then he says he got checked out by the trainers and got the green light. Let’s hope he’s not feeling too hurt this morning:


  3. Evelyn is such a cutie. I think if she interviewed me I’d probably make an ass out of myself.

    He’s probably sore as hell today I am sure. I also thought we were done when he went down.

    I loved how everyone swarmed Gorges when he got that goal. That was really nice to see.

  4. It’s a pretty sad day when Hab fans are thankful for a win over the Coyotes. Where has the flair & excitement in our game gone? While watching the game we appear to be so disorginized, not sure what to do next & to me that falls onto the shoulders of our Valium intoxcicated coach. It’s been time for quite awhile now that he be relieved of his position as head coach! If he stays much longer I’m afraid we are going to be sounding more like ( gawd I hate to say this ) Leaf fans, thankful for any scrap thrown our way.

    Uninpressed from the East!!!!

  5. Darth, it’s true. Evelyne has beautiful eyes.

    I’d be tongue-tied trying to answer her questions for sure.

  6. Danno, I’ve never seen the lovely Evelyne. Aside from the eyes, does she have any other fine qualities?

  7. There’s not much flair, Mike, except for PK. It’s the coach like you say. Did you see the trap Tampa used against Philadelphia the other night? They wouldn’t go inside the Flyers’ blueline and the Flyers defenceman could have wait five minutes with the puck before anyone would venture in. Just horrible and it should be illegal considering what fans pay too see these games.

  8. Darth, they have to like that winning feeling and want more of it. So a win in Nashville would be lovely for all concerned.

  9. Danno, because I saw this after I read your other comment, I just got to see the lovely Evelyne. Yes indeed, she is a cutey. Is it just me or did she mouth the words “I want you, Dennis” as she was speaking to Plekanec?”
    Yes, when he went down I just said of course, another key injury. Who’s next. But back he came, thank goodness. I really do wish Pleks would start scoring more, though.

  10. Darth, I don’t find Carrie nearly as hot as Faith or Nicole. Or Evelyne. It was a very boring game and I agree, it’s the arena. Just no electricity. But it’s not the fault of the Phoenix fans. They’re not weaned on hockey. They sure know their other sports, though, and I think they’re becoming hockey fans, but a game like that doesn’t help.

  11. Dennis, just to show how the glass can be half full and half empty at the same time, consider this.

    The good news is the Habs are only four points away from a playoff spot.

    The bad news is the Habs are only three points away from being last in the conference.

    In spite of the rocky start to the season I still see reasons to be hopeful. There are ten games left to play in November, five at home and five on the road. A nice extended winning streak is what the team needs right now to get things heading in the right direction.

    They can do it. They just have to put their game faces on like Josh Gorges and Tomas Plekanec did last night.

  12. Dennis – I’d take Evelyne any day over those girls. Faith is supposedly a bit of a diva and Nicole is supposedly a really cold person. So I’ll stick with down to earth girls. 🙂

  13. why does weber play way more on the power play than pk who is obviously their best defenceman, certainly heads and tails above weber? it happens all the time.

  14. Hobo, why does Weber play more? Because J.Martin is so conservative it drives us all crazy. I think he dodged a bullet when they won the other night. I had a good look at the standings when I was at work tonight and I don’t like what I see.

  15. Mike, so disorganized. I really noticed it against Edmonton. To me, Renney outcoached Martin by a country mile. And yes, it’s terrible when it’s a big thing to beat the coyotes.

  16. Dennis, I think a reason why Moen is able to find the back of the net on more occasions than many of the so-called marksmen is because he can find his way to the front of the net. He has to fight for every inch and can’t just rely on his skill to shine through.

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