Gord Miller Ruined It

Sent from Danno, and I was watching this as it unfolded. Gord Miller, calling the Habs/Wings game for TSN, talking about a possible shutout for Carey Price, whereas the superstition gods took over and a goal was scored within seconds of this guy bringing up the subject. Naturally.

There are just some things that can’t be talked about, and possible shutouts are one of them.

From now on, Gord, please don’t mention it. In other words, shut the f**k up.


6 thoughts on “Gord Miller Ruined It”

  1. watching the silly draft on tv, was funny watching Chara chains to shake Price’s hand after drafting him. Price didn’t see him. Was good Chara made the effort though. A little classier than the idiot thomas (couldn’t even pronounce ‘conscience.’) Way too stupid and funny.

  2. Hey Dennis,Yes the new N.H.L. eh? It used to be the announcers would never bring up the subject of a shutout during the game,it just goes to show what they have as announcers.It used to be they would only do the hockey games,but now most of them have no knowledge of the game anyways.I have seen a few shutouts ruined by comments like this,even quicker then that one.I wonder if when his contract comes up with CBC that if we all said shutout ,he woudnt get a new one.

  3. Bob Cole is another big-mouth who says the S word during games. I’ve heard him do it a lot actually and it gets me mad every time. If you’re going to do that Bob, go back to doing Leafs games!

    Price’s reaction was funny and I’m glad he “snubbed” Chara. GOOD!

  4. Gord Miller is an ass clown.

    If you’re a pro you just don’t say that word. And you certainly don’t laugh about it after the goalie gets scored on.

    Ass clown!

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