Goon Coming Soon

From RDS comes the French trailer, and then from somewhere else, the English version, both via that helpful Hollywood hipster Danno, a preview of a new hockey movie set to be released in March of 2012..

It’s called “Goon,” which needs no explanation. (No, it’s not a documentary on the Boston Bruins).

Journal de Montreal calls it “The next Slapshot.”

I call it “Rock ’em, Sock ’em hockey.” Oh wait, that’s already taken.

Here’s the English trailer:

And here’s the dubbed French version, which shows different scenes than the English version:

6 thoughts on “Goon Coming Soon”

  1. There is another longer version of this trailer out there.

    I’ll give this movie a shot but I think the NHL is a bit embarrassed about it because it ruins their so-called “family entertainment” idea that they are trying to go for.

    I may wait till this is on DVD though.

    Don’t forget to check out “Bon Cop, Bad Cop”.

    Here’s another Goon for you Dennis:

  2. Danno, I suppose he fights more in this movie than he ever did with the Habs. Georges had a chance to be a real key guy with the Habs and didn’t take advantage of the situation. So he becomes just another forgetful player when he had a chance to be talked about for years to come like John Ferguson. He blew it and didn’t help the Habs and for that I’m forever angry at him.

  3. Darth, thanks for this. I had no idea. A WWF guy wrestling with skates on. WOW! Pretty funny, actually.

  4. Dennis, I found the commentary hilarious. Kicked out of hockey for being ‘too rough’. I guess the Bruins didn’t scout him. 🙂

  5. Wow, what a quality it is! Because mostly YouTube videos have no nice quality, but this is really a nice quality video.

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