Goodbye Las Vegas, You Beautiful Bastard. (Or is it ‘Gorgeous Dame’?)

Las Vegas is my kind of town. I like the lights, the action, the cleavage all over the place. In reality I’m just a guy from a small and isolated town a million miles away. But in my heart, I’m a member of Sinatra’s Rat Pack. Although I suppose Frank and Dino and Sammy and the others were more concerned about gorgeous dames and martinis than the Montreal Canadiens.




And with the rumblings in the last year or so about a possible NHL franchise being placed in Las Vegas, I decided to think this one out.  I’m not a fan of teams being in hot, palm tree-laden places, and I wasn’t sure if Las Vegas measured up. But if the NHL decides to go into another American city, I think Vegas is a good choice indeed. Maybe the best choice in the whole U.S of A.


As long as the arena is near the strip.


The strip is always packed by people from elsewhere, including, of course, thousands of Canadians, and Americans from cold states. Hundreds of thousand of us. It’s not like Nashville or Miami or Phoenix, with people just learning what a puck is. Vegas is made up of people like you and me.


The big shows here cost anywhere from 80 to 200 bucks usually, just like a hockey ticket. And people create incredible line ups to see Barry Manilow, Donny and Marie, and all the other acts I wouldn’t pay five bucks to see.


I don’t think there’d be a problem at all selling 20,000 tickets to a hockey game here. People are just itching to spend money, and do things they can’t do in Moose Jaw and Des Moines. 


But like I say, put the arena within walking distance of the strip. I think that’s crucial. Too far away and people will go see Donny and Marie instead.


I don’t want to go home. There’s too many palm trees to admire, too many hotels to explore, too many two dollar beers at O’Shea’s and Bills to drink.


Game notes:


Habs are at 4.5 to 1 odds to win the Cup. It was 5-1 the other day.

Regardless, I’ve got my ticket.



Habs and Flyers Saturday night. Which Canadiens team will show up, beauty or the beast?



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