Good Wax is Good

floor wax adThe last thing you want is junior scratching up your expensive hardwood floor when he and his friends decide to put the blades on and skate around the living room.

So what’s the answer? Simoniz Paste Wax, of course, for the floor with that Extra Hard Finish.

Junior and the gang can skate all day and all evening on your Simoniz- waxed floor while you and your partner are upstairs getting naked, content in the knowledge that Simoniz will keep your beautiful floor in perfect condition until the final whistle is blown.

Don’t settle for anything less. Nine out ten hockey moms say that when they let the neighbourhood gang play road hockey in the living room, the performances are great both downstairs and up.

Just a quick little finish with a rag and Simoniz does the job, and when junior grows up to play in the big leagues, he’ll remember with fondness those days when he shot and scored in the comfort of his own home.

Remember – Simoniz, with that extra hard finish.

Simoniz – Rough play? No penalties.

Simoniz – keeping junior busy while your back gets scratched, not the floor.

4 thoughts on “Good Wax is Good”

  1. I always enjoyed Doug Wright’s cartoon in the Montreal Star.
    Noticed that the Simoniz kid is wearing “cheese cutters”..
    for many it was their first pair of ice skates.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I remember him as well, Ed, and I hadn’t noticed that he was the artist in this ad until you mentioned it. Thank you.

  3. Ugh, don’t know where a kid would have got away pulling off a stunt like that when I was a kid. My mother washed and polished our living room floor before Christmas, and when we went in there we went only in stocking feet. I was allowed to go in with my Sunday shoes when I played the piano. The only times we went in there was when we had special company. Strange, when I go there now – the home has been kept in excellent shape by the family since Dad built it in 1946 – it still seems to exert that same kind of reverence in me.

  4. Me too, Orville. My mom would be on her hands and knees waxing the floor and she’d warn us when we came in.

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