Good Team Blanks Bad Team


With Carey Price posting his 6th shutout of the season, the Canadiens drop the visiting Toronto Maple Laffs 4-0, and all remains swell in Habs universe.

That’s four straight wins for the good guys, they remain tops of the pops, and it makes my heart soar like a Prigogine’s Double-Collared Sunbird.

Certainly a satisfying night, except for the part about going 0 for 4 on the powerplay and being outshot 30-23. It was a confident bunch, playing behind an always confident and usually perfect Price, and it culminated with a Leafs jersey being thrown on the ice.

I’d hate to see a Canadiens jersey tossed on the ice and if I was at a game when it happened, I’d hunt the person down and pour my twelve-dollar beer on his head. But somehow, seeing a Leafs jersey crumpled up like a dead blue and white varmint makes me snicker just a tad. Am I a bad person?

The boys were in fine form, except for those times when it was left to Price to come to the rescue. Several times they would pass back to the world’s greatest goalie, which is a nice enough play, as long as the puck doesn’t hop over Price’s stick.

And on Coach’s Corner, Don Cherry would whine and bitch that the Canadiens were seen smiling and enjoying themselves way too much. In my mind, smiling means things are going good. Which is what we want. Much better than seeing them shake their heads in disgust and smash their sticks.

I remember when Scott Gomez would smile when things were going bad.

Manny Malhotra scored his first of the season after Dale Weise stole the puck and dropped it back to him in fine style.

Tomas Plekanec bulged the twine when the team had the extra attacker on during a delayed penalty call.

And David Desharnais, targeted by far too many critics, mostly Habs fans, made it 3-0 in the third period after several players banged away (and Jonathan Bernier cried foul for goalie interference), and then scored his second of the night into an empty net after receiving a nice and generous pass from Max.

The boys are rolling, they’re a serious contender for all the marbles, and now we wait and see if Marc Bergevin deals to strengthen an already solid club.

Once again feelin’ good. It’s been a long time since we had a team that has a great chance to go all the way, and all we can do is hope no one crashes into Price the way Chris Kreider did last spring. Imagine.

Now it’s a four-game road trip to where the weather is slightly better than in Eastern Canada and the U.S. It’s Monday in San Jose, Wednesday in Anaheim, Thursday in L.A., and Saturday in Arizona.

No problem.

Random Note:

P.K. Subban’s assist on Plek’s goal ties him with Calgary’s Mark Giordano for most points (48) by a defenceman.

Sergei Gonchar was back in the lineup after missing the last six games after getting nailed by then-Leaf, now-Blue Jacket, David Clarkson.

P.A. Parenteau is healthy now but was scratched, as was Mike Weaver.



9 thoughts on “Good Team Blanks Bad Team”

  1. The Habs could have the Apostles with Jesus and Don Cherry would find something wrong with it… Although I had the sound down from HNiACC, I surmised Healy was finally given an assignment he could handle with blue/black dress thing.

    Beating a dead horse, but Eller… alone with TWO other Canadiens in front of the Make Believe net and he can not put it in… a potential break away and he mishandles it allowing one of the Toronto golfers to walk in on CP31. Enough! DeLa Rose will fill the role he is suppose to be handling…

    Don’t know if it’s Karma, but the Vanek deal happened while Canadiens were on the West Coast. During the remainder of the regular season that deal worked well. Maybe more of the same?

  2. The Habs are evil!!!! they laugh when Maholta gets his first of the season. On a totally unselfish play from #22, Their supposed to hang their head in shame according to Sour Grapes. I seen the goal on the high lite reels this morning, Maholta may not lite the goal lamp too often, but how much danger does he divert with his face-off wins?? not to mention, apparently as a team, that % improved.Plus another case of the unwanted being wanted [think also # 22] Love the way Price went to the bench to tap Manny—-he’s WANTED on this team. Good nite in Hab land
    Mike W. ,read the article on Big Bad Angelo on line. Sad indeed.

  3. Seeing those sad pudgy faces on the Laffs bench after a Toronto sweater hit the ice was like the cherry on the cake.

  4. And Mike, that was, I think, all Cherry said about the Habs for the entire segment as he moved on to other business. Yes, Eller’s not getting the job done. But if he’s kept, they must think that he will at some point. Maybe they think about his fine play in the playoffs last year. It’s even possible that Bergevin won’t do anything. In Therrien’s pre-game interview last night, he said we’re happy and focused on the bunch we have now. We’ll see. If I’m late talking about any trades, it’s because I’ll be indisposed for a bit.

  5. Hi Peter. The HNIC gang kept repeating how close-knit the Canadiens are, and that’s one thing I wasn’t tired of hearing from these people. I don’t know if I was right or wrong when I mentioned in a previous post that Manny was losing more draws than he did before. It just seemed like it to me. But I still believe he could be an important guy in the playoffs, especially in the playoffs. I like what we have and I don’t think we we need huge changes at all. Maybe one tweak, maybe two.

  6. And Danno, those sad management guys upstairs looking on. It was quite a moment. Over the past 4 or 5 decades, that team has hit rock bottom numerous times. Isn’t it great not to be a Leafs fan?

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