Good, Solid Leafs Shots

Regardless of the Habs’ poor season, anytime there’s a chance to give the Leafs a shot, I feel it has to be done. It’s my job. It’s in the chromosomes.

Lock  your car at night. Someone broke into mine last night, they didn’t take anything, but I had two Leaf tickets on the dash. Now I have 4. (Mel).

Thanks to Mike Williamson in Pickering for sending the toilet and bar pics, and the newest (I think), Hitler Leaf video. And also to Ron Green in Orillia for the Rogers Leafs promo and Mel St. Onge, also in Orillia, for the Randy Carlyle picture.

Whether you’ve seen these before or not, it’s always good to get some Leaf shots in. Regardless of how dismal the Habs’ year was.

Leafs To Play In Retractable Stadium

And from Danno….Don’t feel bad if you don’t win a free donut.

From Beatnik:

Ron Green in Orillia also got ahold of the new NHL calandar and sends some examples:

Presenting – LADIES OF THE NHL

Montreal Canadiens

Buffalo Sabres

Detroit Red Wings

Ottawa Senators

Toronto Maple Leafs

7 thoughts on “Good, Solid Leafs Shots”

  1. Dennis? God bless you for that first blonde in the blue outfit. WOW!!!!

    That’s it, I’m making you head of obviously know what you’re doing. 🙂

    I really don’t have much hate for the Leafs. I feel bad for them more than anything else. Bruins are another story entirely and I hope Ottawa wipes them out in four!

  2. Dennis, I’m shocked you would post such photos of women so scantily clad. To ensure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me I had to carefully look them over several dozen times. I need to have a chat with these poor women. They should pay me a visit dressed like that so that the issue can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

  3. This is why stick boy is out of the question now Dennis.

    Humanity urgently needs Dennis Kane to be crowned King of the World.

  4. Hey Dennis,Awesome pics of the ladies of the nhl,I too looked them over more then once.Last day in Mexico,we fly into Prince George tonite.I am surprised the Habs didnt call me here,I would have brought you and the rest of the crew on with me for sure.

  5. I know Healy has taken too many shots to the head, but how does Toronto grab the 5th spot? Don’t the Ducks have that spot?

  6. The local Speedy Muffler Shop has free brakes for as long as The Leafs Playoff season lasts……..

  7. Mike McKim, you’re right. The way I see it, the Ducks have that. Never mind Healy. He knows everything in the world. Him and PJ Stock and Mike Milbury.

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