Good Quality Humour

Bruins at the Bell Centre tonight. So without further ado:

Brad Marchand and his buddy are vacationing on a tropical beach, and Brad complains to his friend that he’s striking out with the ladies.

The friend tells Brad that it’s his bathing suit that’s the problem. Too big, too old-fashioned, and just doesn’t look good, the guy says.

He tells Brad that he should wear a Speedo, stuff a big potato in it, and the girls will be all over him.

Brad listens to him, agrees, and heads back to the beach in his new bathing suit, but instead of attracting the ladies, all he hears are people laughing at him.

He goes back and tells his friend that it didn’t work.

“You have to put the potato in the front,” explains the friend.


7 thoughts on “Good Quality Humour”

  1. I loved this one. It’s something I could actually see Brad doing.

    I’m going to be missing this game dammit. Staff meeting. Sigh. Thank god for Canadiens Express!

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