Good Old May 10th

Today is a good day for me, even with a depressing Habs hangover.

Twelve years ago on this day, Luci and I were married in the Palace of Marriage in St. Petersburg, Russia. We had gone through an unbelievable amount of red tape and craziness, but it got done, surprisingly enough. The Russian bureaucracy doesn’t believe in making things go smoothly. I have no idea why.

The whole thing involved going from one place to another for several weeks, getting papers stamped and translation notarized and things getting duplicated and this and that. It drove me crazy. I’m not exactly the patient type to begin with, and I felt like jumping into one of the nearby canals.

If you want to get to know St. Petersburg quickly, just go through the process of getting married. You’ll see all corners of this massive city in no time flat.

When all the papers were finally rounded up and stamped, we took them to the Palace of Marriage a few days before the big day, and the lady on the ground floor examined everything, put another stamp on, and then sent us up four floors to another lady, who told us when we would be married. The lady downstairs couldn’t do this. It took two people.

On the day of the wedding, the lady who was to marry us was late, and when she did show up, she married us while she still had her coat on. We were expecting some sort of ceremony, but all she did was say a couple of things and have us sign something, then she left as quickly as she had come in.

The wedding party stood there looking at each other, wondering what to do next, and eventually our friend Katia lined us up, stood behind the pulpit, and married us properly. It might not have been official, but it was way better than the official version.

Afterwards, we all headed to a great club just off Nevsky Prospekt called Money Honey, in the heart of St. Petersburg, where a rock band was playing and Russians danced all over the place.

A year later, in Powell River, we got married again, at the Moose Lodge, where, once again a rock band was playing and people danced all over the place.

Luci is my second wife and is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s been a great twelve years.






17 thoughts on “Good Old May 10th”

  1. Congratulations Luci & Dennis, but you’ve got along way to catch up to Diana & I, 42 & counting!
    All the best you!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Luci and Dennis.

    It’s such a beautiful love story. They should really make a movie about you two.

  3. Luci, I hope the years have been good!!Raised in an immigrant home [Dutch] myself , I enjoy stories of “THE EARLY YEARS” in Canada. But for you it was SO much better AND easier—–YOU MARRIED A HABS FAN!! Dennis, Luci, congratulations on your 12 years together!! May yer roof not leak, the car keep running,hot water tank not break down,hope you don’t lose the “old country” recipies, and have a happy start on the next dozen[& counting] years God Bless you and yer loved ones.

  4. Thanks Peter Hab. Luci continues to eat Russian stuff while I eat cheeseburgers. She recently found a Russian grocery store in Vancouver and bought a lot of salted fish and other stuff. I liked the cookies, though. Thanks for the stuff about the roof and hot water tank. This gives me a chance to do what I learned how to do about a week ago – this- šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  5. Congrats Dennis.
    On June 10th we’ll be in St Petersburg on a Saturday overnight. I’ll ask around to see if this Money Honey club is still in business.
    Congrats to the Habs on a great year. Injuries…questionable calls…and goaltending was your downfall. This Sens fan still can’t believe that the Zibinejad goal was a good goal but we’ll take it.Without that call I think this would have been a 7 game series.
    All the Best to you and Luci.

  6. Thanks Jim. All the best to the Senators from here on in.
    Hope you have a terrific trip. Your mouths will be opened about St. Petersburg.The inner core, where you will be, is unreal. Hard to describe, but just awesome. And Luci says she thinks Money Honey is still open. You guys should go. It’s neat there.

  7. Goodness seeing how your roots are so close to Toronto, and you your utter disdain for the Senators plus the”Maple Leafs” giving your hated Bruins all they can Handel, one would think a true fan of hockey would cheer albeit grudgingly for Canada’s Team,yes,They being the Toronto Maple Leafs. Go leafs go, Go leafs go. Geez that’s nice to say at this time of year.So come on old friend still room on this band wagon for one more true hockey fan. All aboard? Oh and by the way congratulations on 12 yrs. Dennis and many more

  8. Rugger, it’s impossible. I’m sorry, but me cheering for the Leafs isn’t in my DNA. But having said that, I know you’ve been a Leafs fan for many years, and if you’re happy, I’m happy.

  9. Hey Kane, the French did win a game, they beat the Russians. Good riddance to the Habs, oooo-lay, ooo-lay, ooo-lay, ooo-lay, how lame is that chant. All that their coach did was WHINE to the media, the the the faceoff shoulda been over there, whine whine whine

  10. I only know one Dahawk, and if that’s you, Eric, it’s great to hear from you, even though you’re so miserable. I’ve often wondered how you’re doing. I see you’re still a secret Habs fan. And yes, I know, Jacques Lemaire’s goal against Tony O ruined your childhood. If it is you, Eric, please let me know.

  11. It is me ole chum. Still at A.G., and Miroslov says hi. Tony oh oh you mean. Yes Mr. Kane the Blackhawks will raise the cup once again, hopefully this year. I was very happy to see the Canukleheads get bounced in 4 by S.J.. Congrats on your 12 years of marriage with dear Luci. Take care and just for your info my childhood is healing a little bit at a time every time them Habs get bounce from the playoffs. p.s. CAREY, CAREY, CAREY, lol.

  12. Just great to hear from you, Eric. A lot has happened over the years. It’s fantastic that you’ve found my blog. Been doing it for awhile now. And thanks for saving me from ruining that wedding we were at. That could’ve been a disaster. What was the couple’s name? Bonnie and Cameron? Seems so long ago, in another life. Tough times for awhile but you kept me laughing and I appreciate that.

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