Good Old Hockey Coins

I enjoyed a few extra beer last night celebrating the beginning of my four days off, and presently I’m enjoying a big headache. So this is a repeat performance until I begin to feel human again. However, this might be the first time you’ve read this, in which case, it’s brand new!

This is a set of Shirriff/Salada hockey coins from 1961-62. I’ve had these since I was eleven years old. They came in Jello and potato chips, and I pressured my mom to buy handfuls of Jello instead of just one or two. So we had a kitchen cupboard with lots of open boxes of Jello in it. I also ate more potato chips than any one human should possibly eat.

At school we would play closest to the wall, just like hockey cards, and I was devastated if my hoard of coins had dwindled. But on the other hand, if I went back to class after recess with dozens more than I had started out with, then all was right with the world. I think it was kind of like having sex before I really knew what sex was.

You could send away to the company for the shields, which I did, but after putting them in their holes and trying to hang them on the wall, most would fall out because they didn’t fit well. So I added small amounts of glue to the backs. When you see these coins in their shields on eBay, which you don’t see very often, most have been glued like mine.

These plastic hockey coins began the year before, in 1960-61 and I had a bunch of them years ago, but not anymore. They also came out as metal coins in 1962-63, and I still have the full set of these. And there were no shields available for these other years.

The coins made a comeback in 1967, but I don’t think they became all the rage like they were in the earlier years. These later coins have become quite rare and valuable because, I suppose, there just weren’t that many.

Baseball and football also had their own coins, as did old cars and airplanes. But it’s the hockey coins that I cherished the most.

They should bring back hockey coins for the modern generation. Maybe they’d get kids away from computer games for awhile.

13 thoughts on “Good Old Hockey Coins”

  1. Dennis, those hockey-coin shields are a great piece of hockey memorabilia. It was well worth it for you to eat a ton of Jello & chips to complete the set!

    I wonder if you can market this as a new fad diet?

    Send $19.99 plus S&H to:

    Dennis Kane’s All-Jello-and-Chips diet for a Panther-like Physique

    — By the way, how’s the Bee Hive collection going?

  2. Absolutely Danno. Anyone can have a fine physique like mine if you eat enough Jello and chips. And you can improvise. Chips and jello salads. Chips and jello sandwiches. Grilled chips and jello. Mashed chips and jello.
    The Beehive collection hasn’t grown lately. I’m still short about eight or so but alas, these are the big money ones. But I’m in no hurry and hope to whittle it down even more over the long haul.

  3. i recall on the jacques plante metal coin he was wearing his mask. not too many people have their picture taken wearing a mask but jake the snake marched to his own drummer, one of a kind.

  4. Hobo, I have that set and Plante’s on two coins. He’s not wearing his mask in his Habs uniform but he is in the other one which is the all-star uniform. Good memory.

  5. Chips and jello diet, sounds good, sign me up. One thing first, can I make jello with beer?

  6. Christopher, you’re a genius! Jello Beer! DK’s Really $%**&^$ Strong Jello Beer. (with chips for added fibre)

  7. Danno, I’m down to seven – Tod Campeau, Gerry Couture, Eddie Dorohoy, John Hanna, Vern Kaiser, Ross Lowe, and George Robertson. Eventually I’ll get this list down but I have to keep taking my vitamins.

  8. Dennis, the hockey coins bring back a lot of good memories. Thank you.

    Here’s a link that will bring back somme good memories too.

  9. I’m going to have to try that recipe, replacing the (oh so dull) vodka and peach juice with DKRFSB. I’ll be the hit of any party.

  10. No, thank YOU, John. That video was me and my life. I think every single thing. It’s true, it was a more pleasant time. I really enjoyed this video.

  11. Chris, the key to jello in a DKRFSB is to leave it jello-like. I feel it would be the weirdest yet most delicious beer anyone will ever drink or slurp through a straw.

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