Good Old Bookstore

I’ve had this book about the Rocket since it showed up in stores in 2000 or 2001.

And now I have two, because Sunday morning I walked into a secondhand bookstore in Powell River and bought another for five bucks.

On the inside page, it’s been autographed by the late, great Gump Worsley!

Whoever Gord is, I wonder why he didn’t want it anymore. Or maybe someday he’ll ask, “Hey honey, have you seen my Rocket book signed by Gump Worsley?

Here’s another Gump signature if you want to compare.

4 thoughts on “Good Old Bookstore”

  1. I felt guilty liking the “Gump” when he played for the Rangers and then was totally thrilled when he got traded to Montreal.
    Great find at $5!

  2. Hey Dennis, Just saw this, what a find, a real gem, and another mystery to unravel or not. I don’t always read every single one of your posts, but the ones that I do I always enjoy. Just keep on rolling brother, and Powell River is a beautiful place as some of your photos demonstrate.

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