Good Move By Gomez

Scott Gomez will wear number 11 this coming season for reasons explained here, and regardless of why, I agree that number 11 is better than 91 as there aren’t a lot of low numbers left on the Habs, only numbers 6 and 8 now as the rest are immortalized in the rafters, and number 11 is a fine number. It’s also been popular over the years as 69 different players have called it their own.

I’ve also spent several quality minutes googling the number 11 and here’s an example of what I’ve found;

Number Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. Others turn to people who are ‘Eleven’ for teaching and inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience.

I’m thinking “intuition” means Gomez will be unreal in going to where the puck will be going, like Gretzky used to do. “Patience” of course means he won’t panic with the puck when a scoring opportunity presents itself. “Honesty” means we’re going to get an honest effort from Gomez each and every night. “Sensitivity” I’m having a hard time with. We don’t want sensitivity. We want Gomez to play with an edge and shove the odd stick down someone’s throat when it’s deemed necessary.  “Spirituality” I guess means that if Gomez is a spirtitual type, the odds should be in his favour when playing non-spiritual types, like Sean Avery. Finally, “idealistic” probably means Gomez gets what it means to be a Montreal Canadien and will teach all those around him that they’re Montreal Canadiens and the rest aren’t.

Here’s some former number 11’s, at least at some point in their career with the Montreal Canadiens, without naming all 69.

Saku Koivu, of course.
Joe Malone, whom Frank Selke said was the handsomest player to ever play. Of course, Mr. Selke wasn’t around to see Scott Hartnell.
Dunc Munro, the guy who made 50 grand a year when he was with the Maroons, by owning all the program rights.
Tony Demers, who ended up in St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary on a manslaughter conviction.
Floyd Curry, who first came to Habs camp when he was only 15.

9 thoughts on “Good Move By Gomez”

  1. Dennis, you are a virtual fountain of knowledge…it’s no wonder that you and Kelly didn’t cross pathes yrs ago…you are both elevens!
    I am missing the hockey season terribly…have been computerless for 6wks or so, but back now to get a daily tad of info and sometimes more to fuel up for upcoming season.
    Was not at all surprized at Chicago…but as a hockey fan…Come on. I heartely dislike “big business”………..

  2. Big business is evil, Jan. Except when I’m the Canadiens owner. Then it’s good. Great to hear from you and it looks like your Canucks may have improved themselves, especially with Hamhuis. Montreal? Not so sure. Hope you and family are doing great.

  3. Eleven…

    Twenty Eleven…

    Stanley Cup for Montreal in 2011…

    These numbers add up nicely.

  4. Twenty eleven Danno. Lookin good. I also really liked the old Rat Pack movie, Ocean’s Eleven.

  5. Hi Derry. Yeah, I could’ve mentioned them but only decided on a few. There’s 69 players who wore number 11 so I only went with some to keep it from becoming boring.

  6. Derry, I was just talking to a Canucks fan and he’s excited that they’ve improved themselves.

  7. And today Eller takes #60 Jose Theodore’s last number as the obsessed Gainey wants to erase all memory of any of the players who brought the Habs their most success in the years preceding his own second coming! Koivu then Theodore. This is Gainey’s brainwork!

    Note – Gainey a 15 year survivor as a player in the NHL a great defensive checker who scored an average of 16 goals a game in the era of high scoring – he got his own numbered retired and when? The game before the tradedealine not any of the games after. In a year Hossa was strongly rumored to be coming here and of course as seen this year too after the fake Gainey stepping down – he doesn’t make big moves at trade deadlines.

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