21 thoughts on “Good Morning! It’s Game Day”

  1. Hey Dennis, Let’s have a game where the refs don’t decide the outcome of the game, if they decide to let the game be played, let it go both ways.No more net crashing, although if Mr. Price is playing you will see less of this I’m thinking. I hope we see a great came and of course the obvious outcome is expected….GO HABS GO

  2. cool, O’byrne is starting and MAB moved to forward. we should be tighter defensively. MAB is pretty scary on D but good with the puck. O’byrne should be able to help keep the crease clear. Send a message to Ovie early!

  3. He Mayo, I hope that Bergeron will make some better passes this time,we can sure use his shot but pretty lame passing wise.

  4. Dennis, I’ve been saying it all along. The time will come — and has finally come — for Carey Price to take the torch. I have a feeling he will be holding it up high tonight and pull out a clutch victory.
    A leprechaun friend of mine by the name of Brian, who is seldom ever wrong told me he firmly believes that Montreal will win tonight by a score of 5 to 0 over Washington.
    That’s a pretty gutsy call.
    He’s not a Gipsy though.
    But a leprechaun he is. And that must count for something.

  5. I agree Danno. Odds are they will win one at home. Hate to see Darche sit cause I like energy he brings. Can’t wait to see O’byrne’s mean streak come out. They’re going to have be a lot more mature than they were. I hope Gomez, Plekanecs and the rest learned a valuable lesson and salvage what they can. We’re still in a good position. I still think their goalies suck and Ovie will be full of himself and not be so effective. probably looking forward to Philly.

  6. I think they’ll screw with our heads, lose tonight and win in Washington Friday. Then they’ll crap the bed back at the Bell Center. This team never does what you think they could and should do. All season long it’s been the exact opposite. God help me, but in spite of it all, I still love them.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!

  7. Hear me now, believe me later. We’re going to crush the Caps like an empty beer can.


  8. Fingers crossed for Price tonite, this could may well be the last game he plays for Montreal in front of the home faithful. The refs better be calling the non-sense that’s going on in front of the Habs’ netminders.

    Go Habs Go, For the Love of God.

  9. Habs playing awesome. Can’t believe Hamrlick and the end of the second period. Speechless. I think they’ll fly out in the third period. Why do they have brain cramps? Everyone playing well otherwise. Boys are flying tonight.

  10. Nothin doin in the 3rd, as well as the Habs played…you just can’t make any mistake against the Caps…sad

  11. In the playoffs, it all comes down to goaltending. Varlamov kept the Caps in the game in the second period and that was the deciding factor. We would have won this game if he would have played less than excellent.

  12. Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about the ” too many men ” calls.
    So why did they call it only once on the Caps in game 3? Oh, that’s right…it’s because the rest of the night their extra 2 players had striped shirts on!

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