6 thoughts on ““Good Goal” They Said”

  1. I was at the game as well. Long ride and a late nite back to the states after the loss. Had a real problem before game know Peel was to be ref and I am not sure but would guess with him as ref we have the worst record vs any other ref. The goal was bad but thats on Toronto not refs on ice since video review goes there. As for on ice stuff the late icing calls when both Gonchar and Karrlson were floating towards the puck infuriated me. I was also mad for the first time at M/T for his bench mismanagement of players and shortening of bench in the third period. Who got him the 2-0 lead for God’s sake and why not have Dumont who was 6-0 on faceoffs on ice late in game vs Ryder who as much as Iike what he can do is a one trick pony and no one who should be defending a one goal lead with the goalie pulled for an extra skater. I think Mclean finally got into M/T head and he made a mistake which up to now he had rarely done but shades of 10 years ago under pressure are creeping in. M/B was watching the game and was mad as hell but rest assured he will make changes to this roster before next year. Hopefully from my selfish perspective we can grab PK’s brother in round 2 of the draft and start something last seen with the Mahovolich brothers in Montreal. It is about over for this season but hopefully they take numbers for next year(as coach M says) #25 is on my radar for his cheap late taunts. Get healthy and follow the plan and all will be well for many years to come.

  2. dra, how do you manage to get playoff tickets?
    I’m a believer in hockey miracles, and expect an emotional and miraculous night on Thursday. This series shouldn’t be 3-1 for Ottawa, it should be the opposite. For different reasons. They need to get some cooperation from officials, and everyone at the top of their game. Ryder disappeared late in the regular season and hasn’t been found since. The goaltender, whoever it will be, has to earn his bucks. And I agree with you – MacLean has pushed all the right buttons and Therrien’s a basket case right now.

  3. Sens tickets are easy on ticket outlets and not really pricey since half of ottawa cheers for Habs or Leafs. I share season tickets with 3 other guys and a friend of mine does likewise with 3 others as well so we get to about 40% of games plus playoffs. I waited 40 years to be a regular instead of scalper tickets so I want them to do well but will stay the coarse for a while to see what M/B has in store for us. Really learning to hate Sens almost as much as Flyers but not as much as Bruins yet. Their fans are so very polite and hospitable to Habs fans though.

  4. Dennis

    I think it’s harsh to say Therrien’s a basket case but I want to know why Plekanec did’t come off the ice after he won the 2nd icing face off with less than a minute to go. So far I may be the only observer to point out that Plekanec’s shift lasted 1:24 and he offered no resistance as the puck entered our end before the tying goal. I was yelling at him to get off the ice and couldn’t believe it when he stayed on.

    Was it Plekanec’s decision to stay on the ice when he was dead tired? I think that decision cost us the game. BTW, I love Plekanec. When I am critical of a player it’s not because I hate him. I hate no one who wears our uniform.

  5. Terry, it very well could have been Plekanec’s decision to stay on, which isn’t good. Even though players know their shifts have to be short and sweet, some guys at times get carried away. I upsets teammates and coaches but it happens. I like Plekanec too. He was one of our most consistent over the shortened season. He’s a hard worker and a great skater. But if he was tired and needed to come off, he should have for sure. The loss was a combination of things – they backed off, the officials didn’t help, and they didn’t storm the net among other things. Really hoping Budaj is good tonight, but I’m always nervous when the backup has to play, regardless of his decent season

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