Good For Bob Gainey

Bob Gainey spoke to the media on the eve of the Heritage Classic and had the following to say about players from other teams crying about PK Subban. (Not mentioning any names, of course, like Joffrey Lupul and Mike Richards and a bunch of Bruins for example).

This comes from Dave Stubbs reporting from Calgary for Habs Inside/Out.

“(Subban) is a very talented player,” Gainey said. “Anyone who’s met him knows that his personality is outgoing, overflowing, and it hasn’t yet been tempered with full maturity. I think he should have fun and play. Some of those people should shut up and play against him. Just keep their mouths shut and play.

“He doesn’t have a big, tough guy playing beside him to look after him, he looks after himself. Not everybody else in the league who is an outgoing above-average player plays in that position. I think Montreal is lucky to have him and the NHL is lucky to have him.”

2 thoughts on “Good For Bob Gainey”

  1. How could you be a Habs fan and not love Bob Gainey? Not as passionate as the F#You he gave his own fans about Brisebois but he has shown once again that once a captain of the Canadiens always a captain of the Canadiens!

  2. DJ, that was great what he said. We have to love this – just shut up and play against him. Hear that Lupul? Hear that, Richards?

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