Good Equipment Is Important, That’s For Sure

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting into better shape and I’ve thought that maybe joining a beer league might be the best way to go for me. So I’ve dug out my skates and now I can’t decide which ones to wear. They’re both fantastic, and either pair would certainly help me regain my form as a smallish-yet-shifty right winger. I know equipment is important so it’s nice to have two pairs to choose from.

10 thoughts on “Good Equipment Is Important, That’s For Sure”

  1. If Peter Pan skated he would be sporting those stylish two-tones Dennis. I can hear him now: “I can fly! I can fly!”

  2. Yes Danno, I’m very fortunate to have two pairs of skates. Most people only have one. Good equipment is extemely important.

  3. If Rocket Robin Hood started a team he’d love to have the beige and brown skates for his merry men.

    “Band of brothers marching together. Heads held high in all kinds of weather…”

  4. man how the times have changed. Its hard to believe people could play with that equipment. Imagine Rocket Richard if he could have worn todays equipment.

  5. Please Danno don’t remind me of Rocket Robin Hood. A single image of those skates would be badly reproduced on all the merry men.
    Thanks Jordy for replacing that image with that of The Rocket who always looks good.

  6. Rocket Robin Hood and his band of merry men wearing these skates?Could they be called gay blades then?

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