Tonight, on channel 37 at 8 o’clock – an in-depth look at Scott Gomez’ greatest moments in a Montreal Canadiens uniform.

Tonight at 8:01, news and weather.


6:04 PM, Bank Of MontreaL. Mr Scott Gomez Saving Account – $40,365,410.35

6:05 PM Bank of Montreal, Mr. Scott Gomez Saving Account – $40,366,907.46


00:24 Montreal. Scott Gomez still with team and seems to be going nowhere.

06:23, Writer wakes up, sees Gomez going nowhere, and calls in sick.


05:25 PM Powell River. Pub television shows Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signing 13-year, 98 million dollar contracts.

06:25 PM Powell River. After pub, writer remembers that Mr. Gomez has two years left on his 5-year, 33.5 million dollar Montreal contract.


06:40 PM Powell River. Writer tries to buy a gun at Canadian Tire to shoot himself with but store is closed.




23 thoughts on “Gomeziana”

  1. I don’t understand why Canadian Tire doesn’t stay open longer, especially in a big city.

  2. …oh, if you’re looking for a gun on short notice, come visit me. We have swap meets where they get around the waiting period. If they’d only swap citizenship…

  3. I fucking hate Scott Gomez and wish his career wereover. Oops, it already is. I fucking hate Scott Gomez.

  4. Heard Scotty is workin the water of his arse in the gym this off-season to
    become a main contributor to the Habs season…
    Are there any teams who need to get to the cap floor? In a hurry..for the love of Buddha, someone, anyone

  5. Imagine, D, if he stays with the team and goes another year without scoring. I can’t help thinking he’ll be out of there.

  6. Dennis, MB has made some really savvy moves to date, he’s no dummy, he knows #11 aint worth a piece of racoon sh*t, and gots to go, it’s just the “how”.
    Another thing Dennis, I’m happy with the signings made so far, but we still don’t have a shootout specialist, a guy with 80-90% success how many points did we lose last year because of it, rather sad that it comes down to points from a shootout…but reality none the less.

    Hope your well Dennis.

  7. Perhaps MB realizes the team is a few years from being a real contender and very lucky just to make the playoffs this year, so the Gomez situation is really is not that important. When all the good young talent coming up is NHL ready, Gomer’s contract will be up any way. So what’s the rush? It is only the poor saps like us who suffer the illusion that this version of the team will actually do anything, so getting him out and spending the money now on a better player is prioritized.

  8. And,if there is a chance that there is some sucker out there who would actually take the stiff, it doesn’t do any good to banish him to the minors, where he belongs.

  9. d, maybe the guy who will be the shootout specialist is Galchenyuk, but he might be a year or two away from the bigs. You’re absolutely right, I think everyone inluding Kaberle was tried in the shootout. It also seems that there are too many centremen, seven, I think, and maybe a big trade will happen. All I know is, it’s going to be very hard for to see Gomez in the lineup again.

  10. Hobo, I think it’s a PR disaster to have him back. Millions of us want him out of there. Bergevin seems to know what he’s doing so I’m trusting him. (I think I said the same thing about Gainey at one point too).

  11. I know that at the latest MB press conference he said that Gomez was part of the team and they’d “see” what happens in September. It could be that if they see he sucks (wow, wouldn’t that be shocking?) they’ll send him down then but now they are trying to save face and save Gomez’s reputation.

    It’s kind of like when a friend makes some dish, you try it and hate it, but you say it’s great just to be nice.

    It’s funny considering how everyone and his brother knows how terrible Gomez is. He’s so bad even Milbury wouldn’t take him.

    Amazingly, in Columbus, there is an idea that Gauthier and Martin are just what the team needs to turn things around. Ron Hextall started this idea. Poor guy must have some serious brain damage.

  12. Agree about PR. It will be interesting to see if and how he finesses his way out. Not every thing he does will be popular…………. I don’t trust anyone, certainly not without sufficient reason to trust them. That’s not being pessimist, it’s being sceptical. If he pulls off getting rid of numb nuts, he will have made some nice inroads towards gaining some hobotrust.

  13. I’m still optimistic that Gomez can be traded. There are a few low budget teams that still need to reach the salary floor. Over the next two years he provides almost $15M of cap hit for only $10M. To make it happen he’d have to start the year not sucking as badly as last year; but if he can return to earlier years’ mediocrity of about 50-60 point seasons I think there will be buyers.

  14. I was hoping Chris would offer his reassuring words of wisdom and hope on the Gomez affair.

    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

    Get good for a while Scotty. Then after we trade you, go back to sucking again. Thanks!

  15. Danno, glad to help. I’m not sure about the wisdom but it was the right week to catch me in a hopeful mood. Good free agent signings, fun Canada Day, nice weather, day off work, weekend almost here.

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