If someone continued to dump on me about my work production, I’d be getting mightily riled. So why do I go on about Scott Gomez?

I’ve been very hard on Gomez lately because he’s, well….. not doing enough. On the ice at least. Maybe at home he’s a ball of fire, fixing the dryer and cutting the lawn and scrubbing the oven. I hear he has some nagging injuries now and I’m sympathetic indeed, but it doesn’t give him an out for the other parts of his season.

He just isn’t helping the Canadiens like he should, aside from his ability to carry the puck in sweeping motions from his end, deep into the other. Gomez does this well, and he’ll often find a teammate and get him the puck and at times, things happen from this. That’s what he does but it’s not enough. Not when the team needs more.

But I need to refocus. Scott Gomez might be an extremely nice person. I saw (on TV of course), Larry Robinson give him a warm hug before the New Jersey game a while back and any friend of Larry Robinson is a friend of mine.

I admit I admired his unusual bent-over skating style when he played for the South Surrey Eagles in the BCHL and came to Powell River. And there are times now when he’s reasonably effective. Not often but I’m just saying.

I don’t know why I expect more from him, aside from the large contract and the fact that he won the Calder trophy a decade ago with the Devils. And yes, the team gave up on Saku Koivu and added him. 

The reality is, except for the 2005-06 season in New Jersey when Gomez managed 33 goals, his career has shown that he’s not any kind of a scorer at all. Never has been. He’s now in his 12th year in the NHL and his goal totals have been 19, 14, 10, 13, 14, 13, 33, 13, 16, 16, 12, and now just 7. So even though he’s slightly off-pace for a normal Gomez year, he’s not far off.

Last season with the Habs he managed only 12.

This is not Guy Lafleur.

I guess all we can expect is that Gomez takes the puck from his end to the other, sometimes make a nice pass, and sometimes kill a penalty. If he really hasn’t been a goal scorer all along, why should we expect him to be one now? 

That’s not being too negative, is it?

Scott Gomez has seven goals in 63 games. These players below scored almost as many in just one game. (This also isn’t being too negative, is it?)

Name? Nationality? Team? Date? Goals?
Joe Malone  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01917-12-19 December 19, 1917 5
Harry Hyland  Canada Montreal Wanderers 01917-12-19 December 19, 1917 5
Joe Malone  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01918-01-12 January 12, 1918 5
Joe Malone  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01918-02-02 February 2, 1918 5
Newsy Lalonde[3]  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01919-03-01 March 1, 1919 5
Newsy Lalonde  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01920-01-10 January 10, 1920 6
Joe Malone  Canada Quebec Bulldogs 01920-01-31 January 31, 1920 7
Mickey Roach  United States Toronto St. Pats 01920-03-06 March 6, 1920 5
Joe Malone  Canada Quebec Bulldogs 01920-03-10 March 10, 1920 6
Corb Denneny  Canada Toronto St. Pats 01921-01-26 January 26, 1921 6
Newsy Lalonde  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01921-02-16 February 16, 1921 5
Cy Denneny  Canada Ottawa Senators 01921-03-07 March 7, 1921 6
Babe Dye  Canada Toronto St. Pats 01922-12-16 December 16, 1922 5
Red Green  Canada Hamilton Tigers 01924-12-05 December 5, 1924 5
Babe Dye  Canada Toronto St. Pats 01924-12-22 December 22, 1924 5
Punch Broadbent  Canada Montreal Maroons 01925-01-07 January 7, 1925 5
Pit Lepine  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01929-12-29 December 29, 1929 5
Howie Morenz  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01930-03-18 March 18, 1930 5
Charlie Conacher  Canada Toronto Maple Leafs 01932-01-19 January 19, 1932 5
Ray Getliffe  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01943-02-06 February 6, 1943 5
Syd Howe  Canada Detroit Red Wings 01944-02-03 February 3, 1944 6
Maurice Richard[5]  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01944-03-23 March 23, 1944 5
Maurice Richard  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01944-12-28 December 28, 1944 5
Howie Meeker  Canada Toronto Maple Leafs 01947-01-08 January 8, 1947 5
Bernie Geoffrion  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01955-02-19 February 19, 1955 5
Bobby Rousseau  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01964-02-01 February 1, 1964 5
Red Berenson  Canada St. Louis Blues 01968-11-07 November 7, 1968 6
Yvan Cournoyer  Canada Montreal Canadiens 01975-02-15 February 15, 1975 5
Darryl Sittler  Canada Toronto Maple Leafs 01976-02-07 February 7, 1976 6
Darryl Sittler[5]  Canada Toronto Maple Leafs 01976-04-22 April 22, 1976 5
Reggie Leach[5]  Canada Philadelphia Flyers 01976-05-06 May 6, 1976 5
Don Murdoch  Canada New York Rangers 01976-10-12 October 12, 1976 5
Ian Turnbull  Canada Toronto Maple Leafs 01977-02-02 February 2, 1977 5
Bryan Trottier  Canada New York Islanders 01978-12-23 December 23, 1978 5
Tim Young  Canada Minnesota North Stars 01979-01-15 January 15, 1979 5
John Tonelli  Canada New York Islanders 01981-01-06 January 6, 1981 5
Wayne Gretzky  Canada Edmonton Oilers 01981-02-18 February 18, 1981 5
Wayne Gretzky  Canada Edmonton Oilers 01981-12-30 December 30, 1981 5
Grant Mulvey  Canada Chicago Black Hawks 01982-02-03 February 3, 1982 5
Bryan Trottier  Canada New York Islanders 01982-02-12 February 12, 1982 5
Willy Lindstrom  Sweden Winnipeg Jets 01982-03-02 March 2, 1982 5
Mark Pavelich  United States New York Rangers 01983-02-23 February 23, 1983 5
Jari Kurri  Finland Edmonton Oilers 01983-11-19 November 19, 1983 5
Bengt-Ake Gustafsson  Sweden Washington Capitals 01984-01-08 January 8, 1984 5
Pat Hughes  Canada Edmonton Oilers 01984-02-03 February 3, 1984 5
Wayne Gretzky  Canada Edmonton Oilers 01984-12-15 December 15, 1984 5
Dave Andreychuk  Canada Buffalo Sabres 01986-02-06 February 6, 1986 5
Wayne Gretzky  Canada Edmonton Oilers 01987-12-06 December 6, 1987 5
Mario Lemieux  Canada Pittsburgh Penguins 01988-12-31 December 31, 1988 5
Joe Nieuwendyk  Canada Calgary Flames 01989-01-11 January 11, 1989 5
Mario Lemieux[5]  Canada Pittsburgh Penguins 01989-04-25 April 25, 1989 5
Mats Sundin  Sweden Quebec Nordiques 01992-03-05 March 5, 1992 5
Mario Lemieux  Canada Pittsburgh Penguins 01993-04-09 April 9, 1993 5
Peter Bondra  Slovakia Washington Capitals 01994-02-05 February 5, 1994 5
Mike Ricci  Canada Quebec Nordiques 01994-02-17 February 17, 1994 5
Alexei Zhamnov  Russia Winnipeg Jets 01995-04-01 April 1, 1995 5
Mario Lemieux  Canada Pittsburgh Penguins 01996-03-26 March 26, 1996 5
Sergei Fedorov  Russia Detroit Red Wings 01996-12-26 December 26, 1996 5
Marian Gaborik[6]  Slovakia Minnesota Wild 02007-12-20 December 20, 2007 5
Johan Franzen[7]  Sweden Detroit Red Wings 02011-02-02 February 2, 2011 5

31 thoughts on “Gomez”

  1. Dennis: Love your blog — I agree with your wife. Better that than the other way round…

    About Gomez: I think he’s playing hurt. He missed a few games earlier in the season, and I think you’ll remember he was missed (yes, it’s true). He skipped a practice the other day for “rehab” session. Earlier in the season the team (and he) were quite coy about his injury. I guess they have their reasons to still be that way although I’m darned if I understand what they might be.

    I don’t disagree Gomez is NOT not Brad Richards or even Vinnie Lecavalier. The contract isn’t his fault — if one GM was dumb enough to offer him the money, why wouldn’t he take it? Another GM, who knew his record, traded for him in spite of said contract. But Simon Gagne has 21 points in 45 games, Vinnie, 36 in 47 — rather Gomez-type numbers, don’t you think?

    However, I don’t think Gomez is uninterested or lackadaisical (as has been said). I think he’s playing hurt. I think he wants to win just as much as the enxt guy. It doesn’t excuse the dumb penalties he takes, but I think deep down he must be really frustrated with himself for not producing more.

    Kepp up the reat work with the blog. It’s one of my must reads along the notwithstanding, fourhabsfans and JT’s.

  2. Thanks Han. I know Gomez can be better than what he’s shown. I blame him for many things only because the Habs need all hands on deck and he’s just not getting it done on a regular basis. Especially when he’s considered one of the stars. No, I don’t blame him for the contract. I’d take it too. A big problem is he doesn’t seem to like to get his nose dirty, he waves his stick while checking, and his plus/minus is terrible. The bottom line for me is, I want him to play hard and set up a ton of goals, all so the team will be better. Hopefully his injuries will heal nicely and he’ll be a force in the playoffs. Thanks a lot for reading. I really appreciate it. Hopefully the team can get it done in Tampa Saturday.

  3. This is what I don’t get Dennis. Gomez was excused from practice again today (second time in a row) on account needing therapy in the clinic for what the Montreal Gazetter has reported as a “legitimate injury.”

    Okay. So why is Jacques Martin giving an injured player more ice time than other players who are producing more?

    Gomez had the most time on ice of any forward with 16:46, and he was reported to have several 90 second shifts with some in the media speculating he wasn’t getting off the ice when he was supposed to and thereby extending his shifts…

    It just doesn’t add up.

    It seems to me if a guy is injured and every winger you pair up with him instantly stops scoring goals, then the smart thing to do is sideline him until he’s fit to play and replace him with someone else.

    I just find it astonishing the coaching staff would allow him to continue to play hurt all this time and drag the whole team down while he’s at it.

    It makes no sense at all.

  4. Solid questions, Danno. It doesn’t add up. Okay Gomez and Martin, what’s going on?

  5. that is correct sir………………. the #’s don’t lie……….. his blogesty brings up a most excellent point.

  6. I think the therapy days are for Gomez to get his head together. Goal wise he may be just off his usual pace but assist wise he’s just not getting things done. I’m sure he is a great fellow and I only begrudge him the money he makes because of the cap hit it imposes on the team but I want to see more. I remember Koivu and Gomez is not even close to that. Koivu showed heart and played with passion and despite his size was in every battle for that puck. Like Gomez, Koivu took a lot of stupid penalties at really dumb times however I think alot were because he was tired. Maybe Gomez is tired to, but the minutes he’s playing is telling me otherwise. I think Martin has been playing him more to try and shake him out of his funk. He has great wingers in Gionta and MaxPac and if he was more willing to battle in front of the net he would produce more.
    If Montreal does not go far in this years play-offs then Gomez will be run out of town by the media. Its down to his play-off numbers being so good as to why he is worth keeping around but that only works if Montreal keeps going. You can’t demote or bench him with-out causing problems in the dressing room especially at this time of the year. Off season is when I think things will happen as Gauthier seems to have a clear picture of where he wants this team to be and what it will look like. I don’t think Gomez is part of that picture anymore.

  7. Hi Don. Gomez doesn’t battle hard, that’s for sure. He’s a smoothy and that’s it. I think he’s not the bravest soul on ice. It’ll be interesting to see what will become of this guy, and I agree with you, his salary drags the team down and has handcuffed them. And Danno asked, if he’s hurt, how come he’s playing so much? For me, seven goals just doesn’t cut it for an offensive eight million dollar guy. I’ve also noticed something else. Gomez loves to look in the crowd before faceoffs and when skating around. And when I was at the game in Vancouver, we stood behind the glass for the pre-game warmup and I watched him and he was constantly looking at the fans. Maybe he has a concentration problem.

  8. I think part of the problem with Gomez and whoever ends up as his linemate is that they end up playing against the opposition’s top lines. The Eller and Desharnais lines play against the lower lines which give them better opportunities. But I don’t understand why they leave him on that line. I can understand that those 2 may not have shown that they are as good defensively, but with some juggling Halpern could be put back at centre. He’s even better at face-offs. Maybe less playing time mostly against weaker lines would be exactly what Gomez needs to get out of his funk.

  9. But like I say, Christopher, he’s never been a goal scorer. And on top of that, he plays soft when when bodies get close together.

  10. Dennis, once again the mainstream media is following your lead. Ijust finished watching TVA discussing Le Cas Gomez. It’s pretty funny listening to Georges Laroque saying how Gomez should improve his play.

  11. Dennis, I don’t expect Gomez to be a Guy Lafleur type goal scorer, that’s not his style. As Don wrote, he’s a set-up man. Is it too much to ask that he be like Joe Thornton or Henrik Sedin or Adam Oates? He makes more than any of them.

    Oh and 65% of TVA’s viewers didn’t think he’ll make it to 8 goals this year.

  12. Dennis do you remember that game last month against Buffalo which the Sabres won 3-2? The game went into overtime and was settled only after a ten-round shootout to decide the winner.

    I remember when Gomez’s turn to shoot came up right after Pacioretti scored. This was a big chance for Gomez to redeem himself and maybe win the game. Gomez made his attempt but did not score. But what struck me was the Bell Centre crowd’s reaction.

    It wasn’t the usual “Ahhhhhhhhh” of disappointment. It was a loud chorus of angry booing directed towards Gomez, not just for missing the chance to score, but for not having a great season and everything else they don’t like about him. They were just giving it to him.

    I kind of felt sorry for him at that point and wondered what it’s like being in the shoes of Scott Gomez right now.

  13. There’s a lot of pressure on Gomez now, I suppose, Danno, but he seems to be a bit a cocky person so maybe it’s not a big deal. And 8 million clams a year probably softens the blow somewhat. But until he really starts helping his team, it’s all going to continue. He has a less than great game pretty well every night, which is unacceptable, and him not getting it done in the shootout as you mentioned is a perfect example of him not getting anything done this season to help his team. Imagine how much better Montreal would be if Gomez was having a great year? Habs fans are mad at him because he’s suppose to be a star, he’s paid like one, and he’s not helping our team much at all. We need everyone going.

  14. All that you said is quite true Dennis. But I think his wise-guy attitude and cockiness are just a front. It’s got to get to you sooner or later and he must be feeling the pressure by now. Only a Vulcan or a robot would be unaffected. He must have some self-respect and pride. If not, then there’s really something wrong with him.
    But we’re definitely not getting value for money with his big $8 million contract.
    I really wonder if it bothers him at all.
    I know I wouldn’t feel right making all that dough and feeling like I let the fans and the team down.

  15. Maybe his persona is all a front, Danno. And it has to bother him. Actually, come to think of it, a Vancouver reporter said Gomez was walking around the the room at Rogers Arena with something obviously on his mind and out of sorts. So maybe he’s feeling it but hides it well when he needs to.

  16. Hey Dennis.
    I saw your stats list and was reminded of the night of Feb. 6 /76 when I was at the Gardens and saw Sitler’s 6 goal and 10 point game against the Bruins. That was one for the ages and I wasn’t even a Leafs fan at the time. What a night.
    And stranger still to go down the list and see that it hasn’t been done since….. 35 years and counting.
    With the likes of Gretzky,Lemieux and Bossy still to play and the wide open hockey at the time, kind of strange that someone wasn’t able to do it.
    Time to lay off Gomez though. I’m sure a late season surge will easily put him into double digits in goals.

  17. It’s reported that Gomez has been playing with a sore back.

    He strained it when he tried to pick up his paycheck.

  18. JW, I was also at that game, it was if he shot the puck down the ice it would slowly slide back and be in the net! Oh by the way we will forgive you for being a Leaf fan, you have suffered enough!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  19. Mike, JW’s not a Leaf fan. He’s worse. He was a big Habs fan who defected and became a Sens fan. Imagine.

  20. JW, that must have been quite a game to be at. But seriously, the Boston goalie must have really stunk. And Gomez in double digits? I’m doubled over with laughter. Anyway, always good to hear from you, JW. Hope National Grocers is treating you right.

  21. DK, Then I say to JW “OFF WITH HIS HEAD”!! Great team effort last night.
    Cheers from the EAST!!!!

  22. Bruin goaltending was brutal that night. Dave Reece was in net and legend has it he jumped in front of the subway that night to end it all but fortunately it went between his legs.
    Cheers all!!!! JW
    Sens fan and proud of it. We’re # 30. Retiring this Oct. 1st and looking forward to becoming a Sens full season ticket holder as the rebuild begins.

  23. If the Sens are going to suck, er, rebuild like they did in the 1990s, it can must mean that the Stanley Cup is returning to Montreal as it did in 1993.

  24. In the fall of that 1st Sens season I met up with Dennis in Vegas for a group holiday with his ex and a bunch of people from Ottawa. This was just weeks after a Sens opening night victory over the Habs.
    Despite a lot of bluster about the Habs going to win the cup that season and a bet that would be forthcoming at the local sportsbook, I guess that bet was never made. Too bad because Roy lead the Habs to an unexpected Stanley Cup victory that next spring and Dennis would have made a fortune. Perhaps he would be in retirement mode this fall and been joining us for a caribbean cruise.

  25. JW, I did put down a bet at Caesar’s Palace on that trip. I have the receipt on my fridge. I bet 10 bucks and won 100.

  26. Dennis, Tim Wharnsby’s story on the right gives the current odds. Montreal is tied for 11th place at 30-1. Vancouver tops the list at 4-1. Edmonton and Ottawa are at the bottom with 500-1 odds.

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