7 thoughts on “Gomez Only 16 Away From Big #845”

  1. The bottom of the list should be interesting for all the ex-Canadien fans here in Ottawa. It’s dominated by Senators including their “future stars” around whom they plan on rebuilding.

  2. Pathetic. Gomez is a black mark on the history of a storied franchise. I wonder how Gomez feels when he speaks to mega-stars who over-delivered and were under-paid (Lafleur, Robinson, Courneyour, Lemaire, Shutt, etc). I would be seriously embarrassed because I have a bit of integrity. Gomez zilch (no heart, integrity, skill).

  3. Dennis, Scott Gomez is now closer to the magic number 845. He just dropped to #832 after last night’s action. That’s 13 away and counting…

    But do these number tell the whole story?

    Plus-Minus stats can sometimes be an unfair measure of a player’s performance. A good player on a crappy team will post poor numbers simply because the team is being scored on when he’s on the ice, through no fault of his own. And if you look at the list there are quite a few really good players who have bad numbers. All are guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so to speak.

    A case in point is James Wisniewski who was with the Islanders earlier in the season when they were doing terribly and of course it affected his numbers. But Gomez is (was?) with a playoff contender all season and still has awful numbers.

    What the numbers mean, statistically, is whenever Gomez is on the ice the other team has a better chance to score a goal than we do. Those numbers can sometimes be deceiving especially if a player is sent out to do a lot of penalty killing. But come on. Gomez is supposed to be a game changer and is being paid $8 million to do so.

    We don’t expect Gomez to score too many goals because he’s basically a setup guy. But he hasn’t exactly excelled at playing that role either with his patented passes to nobody. Somebody said somewhere that the Gomez line is where wingers go to die.

    The Rangers, Sabres and Hurricanes all won last night and so the noose tightens.

    Time’s running out for Gomez to turn it around.

  4. Danno, after you sent the first part I got thinking about Wiz and why he would be so high and all I could come up with is what you say – being with the Islanders didn’t help his cause. He’s been almost a point a game guy since he joined the Habs so these minus numbers definitely must have mostly occurred before he came. Speaking of Wiz, I was talking to a father and son on the ferry coming up from the game and they told me that when they were getting autographs, Wiz and Plekanec were there and hardly anyone paid any attention to them. Everyone wanted other autographs and didn’t bother with these two. I’m thinking that most didn’t know they were there. I think they said Wiz and Pleks were sitting in a taxi off to the side.

  5. Danno you’re correct, the Wiz came to Montreal with -18 in 23 games, he’s been even in his 32 games here.

    A player’s +/- isn’t affected by power play goals for or against. Looking at the other columns, Gomez has been on the ice for 20 Hab goals with the man advantage, while only 4 goals against while we were shorthanded. That means 5-on-5, he’s been on the ice for only 23 goals and 41 goals against. Pathetic.

  6. Christopher, seeing that he’s even so far in Montreal makes me hope we keep him even more. There’s just something about his play that I really like. I want to see him get his hands dirty just a little more, though.

  7. Gomez was -1 tonight putting him in a tie for 833-839 out of 848 NHL players. He’s the lowest ranked player from a team in a playoff position.

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