Gomez On The Verge?

I’m not ready to break into a dance quite yet as we await word that Scott Gomez is about to be bought out – Puck Daddy, or possibly buried in the minors, but the day is coming when I click my heels and dance a jig when we finally see the report that says Gomez will take some cash from the Molson vault and go away and not come back, or will be suiting up for the Wheeling Nailers next fall if he makes the team.

If it’s a buyout, as Puck Daddy says, does this mean the price of Molson beer is about to go up to pay for the sins of Gainey and Gomez?

Cap Geek explains it – Scott Gomez is 32 years old on the buyout date of June 15, 2012, setting the buyout ratio at 2/3 and the total buyout cost at $6,666,667 spread over 4 years. His contract was originally valued at $51,500,000 beginning in 2007 and ending in 2014, with $10,000,000 remaining from the buyout year forward.

When it becomes official, and it better, I’m going to say a quiet thank you, maybe a loud thank you, dance that jig, or least wave my arms around, and try to remove the image of Scott Gomez wearing a Montreal Canadiens sweater forever from my memory.

For me he was never a Hab in an emotional sense, he contributed almost nothing as he lined his pockets, and he smiled and laughed on camera, often when he shouldn’t. On some nights when the team wasn’t going well, I wanted to wipe that smile from his face with a brick through my television. Geez I’m glad I didn’t do that.

Yes, he and Andrei Kostitsyn had so much fun together, he once said. Maybe he taught Kostitsyn how to break curfew.

The moment can’t come soon enough. I’ve been waiting two years now to see this guy ride off into the sunset, and especially this year after he promised us he’d be playing so much better after being embarrassed with his pitiful 7 goal effort from the year before.

And what an empty promise it became. Two stinking goals. A lot of laughs on the bench. A couple of waves of his stick at opposing players. The odd night when he bodychecked a sheet of glass. Going a full year without scoring. When I saw him play in Vancouver, he blew a kiss to somebody near me as he skated by. Not the most focused thing I’ve ever seen.

Nine goals in two years for an offensive forward making all that cash, the highest on a team that struggled and needed him to chip in and show some moxie, which of course he didn’t. It was all just so wretched. He became the poster boy for overpaid underachievers, and he became a sad and unfunny joke on a team that needed points in the worst way. He was too ineffective, not tough in any way, and he became, deservedly so, amazingly unpopular with several million Habs fans. Although I suppose his family still likes him.

He also admitted he needs to work on his shot. A $7 million guy with a lousy shot.

For me, whoever dons the CH becomes an automatic hero. Everyone except Gomez.

Is he gone yet?




11 thoughts on “Gomez On The Verge?”

  1. Please do not buy him out as the cap hit will be bad and last for 4 years. I also understannd because he finished the season on IR he is not eligible to be bought out under nhlpa agreements so we really need to send him to Hamilton to ride the bus with Kaberle and teach the kids a lesson that if they don’t perform under this regime they will be sent down. Consequences for failure are what needs to happen as Nashville has done with Radulov and AK46 we must send same message. If amnesty under new nhlpa agreement comes then we can buy him out and send him to Alaska or wherever but we must manage the cap better so we can keep our good players and go after some others if we need to. This is a business where people with money can’t just buy winners but you can bury losers like Toronto, Chicago and New York have done with their failures.

  2. He even said the other day that he’s back in the gym and working hard for next season. Uh huh. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.

    They have to trade him – which may be possible since his hit against the cap will go down (not sure how it all works but apparently it’s a lot easier to get rid of him now than ever before). If they can’t trade him then send him down to the minors. To buy him out is a big mistake. To have that dead cap space for four years won’t help us at all (and is really dumb to do).

    We also need to get rid of Bourque – which may be possible too because his salary isn’t that high. So right there that’s about 11 million or so saved that can be used to find a free agent – Parise would be nice – or help sign some of our guys.

    This guy has driven me nuts from day one. I knew we got that contract that it was a bad idea but I didn’t realise it would be this bad. The day he’s gone I’m going to have a beer and cheer his departure. Good riddance. The fact that he is/was the highest paid Hab of all time just kills me. Especially with the lack of effort he put into his game.

    If he’s still here in October I think I’m going to go nuts.

  3. Ham-il-ton! Ham-il-ton! Ham-il-ton! Ham-il-ton!

    The idea this punk scoring (I’m drinking heavily right now) a goal in Montreal for another team, with our money in his pocket, is outrageous. Although see him in a bruins sweater is tempting…

  4. If Gomez was making 700k instead of 7 mil. would he have been sent down already for his shitty performance? i think so. i fail to see the logic in keeping him here in the first place…… My first thought is to send him down, down and further down. Then I thought, what if he tears up the minors? Then the temptation to bring him up to fill in for the inevitable injuries would be there….. Maybe they should bite the bullet and just buy him out. They could charge Gainey and Mr. Goat for exec. box seats to help off set the cost.

  5. Fuck Hamilton, send him to the ECHL (Cincinati) where he belongs. Maybe Alaska has a team in that league. Glad he’s working out again. Can’t hurt. He is such a moron. He expects another chance because he’s ‘already in the gym?’ I would prefer him being buried than a buyout.

  6. Mayo, you had me worried for a bit there. Being proudly from Hamilton, I don’t like seeing the words “Fuck” and “Hamilton” used so closely together. But you’re correct, Hamilton has been fucked enough being stuck between nearby The Centre of the Universe™ Toronto and the black hole that is Buffalo. Hamilton doesn’t need to be fucked even more with Gomez.

    Darth, early last fall I was suggesting that Gomez would be tradeable (that’s why I’m not the new GM). For many teams his remaining $5M average salary is the issue, not his $7.37M cap hit. Then for the very cheap teams at the salary floor, he could even save them money since they get credit for the full $7.37M. Of course I was basing this on the 2010-11 superstar with the massive 7 goals and 38 points who was supposed to improve, not the 2011-12 dog with only 2 goals and 11 points.

  7. I’m not going to make any friends here but I can’t get into the big hate-on for Gomez, I never have. The guy was offered big bucks after a couple of good years and should he have turned down Sather’s offer? Of course not for that you blame Sather just like you blame Gainey for thinking Gomez could spark the Hab’s offense and making the trade for him. Does anyone really think Gomez would intentionally float? Really, on that big a stage where everyone is watching and everyone knows how much money he is making? Maybe the attitude everybody saw was just covering up embarrassment. How should anyone react to seeing their game going south especially when they’ve been counted on to be a big part of the team. I don’t know what Scott Gomez thinks about the last couple of years although he did say he was embarrassed about last season and I doubt he expected to do even worse this season. But don’t make it sound as if he played poorly on purpose that’s just silly. He’s a professional athlete and I’m sure his pride has taken a real kicking. A couple of things that I will remember about Gomez are his sense of humour, his ability to rush with the puck and the best one watching him get in Chara’s face after Patches was nearly killed.

  8. John – I have a few problems with Gomez. I really don’t blame him for the money he’s getting, even though it kills me, because who would turn down a payday like that?

    What bothers me about Gomez is his attitude. The guy is known for being a big joker and you can see it during games. I’ve seen almost every single game over the last 3 years and no matter what is going on, they often show the guy laughing it up no matter how badly we’re losing.

    In that important game against Boston (right after the Pacioretty hit) Gomez was a -4. The whole team played terribly but his stats were amongst the worst for the night. The cameras kept showing the bench and in this important game where we should have sent a message to Boston, there was Gomez laughing it up without a care in the world – regardless of what was going on.

    Here’s Boston who cheered the hit on Pacioretty, Chara got standing ovations for it in Boston, they played the hit on the jumbotron there (which got big cheers) and we’re losing horribly and are being embarrassed on top of it. Instead of being angry, instead of showing any pride, what does he do? Sits there and laughs like this is a big joke.

    There’s him snubbing PK Subban last year when Subban got the game-winning goal in overtime against the Flames.

    Then there’s this year at the first game of the season when the player intros are being done (a very formal occasion)…he spits right on the ice in front of everyone while they are all focused on him. It was disrespectful and I’d say it was almost as bad as Ference giving us the finger.

    There is also his play. I’ve seen him play live and I can say he pulls a massive disappearing act almost all the time. You’ll see a few minutes of him, you might be impressed, but then he’s gone. Every game I’ve been to I’ve had to remind myself that he was actually playing because he disappears. He’s incredibly soft. He’ll bring the puck up the ice alright..then promptly get rid of it like it’s burning him.

    I have no doubts he probably is embarrassed but he should be. There is no way in hell he’s putting in a full effort when he plays. Watching him live you can really see the lack of effort. Watch Cole play and it looks like he’s trying to score every shift and win the game by himself. Gomez just looks like he doesn’t give a shit most of the time. It’s blantantly there on the ice.

    I wish him no ill will but I want him off this team. He’s a huge floater.

    That’s money that could be used elsewhere to sign someone who won’t be half-assed and laughing it up all the time. Hell, when this year was going really bad for him he was still laughing it up. That doesn’t strike me as someone playing with pride. He doesn’t have to sit there looking grim all the time but come on.

  9. John, if Gomez had done something at all, like maybe score ten lousy goals for example, the team might have won a few more games. But ten goals was way too much to ask. And he got in Chara’s face mainly because he knew 100% that Chara wasn’t going to do anything back to him. He’s really good at waving his stick at a player three feet away too. And yes, he rushes the puck. Then he loses it or shoots it over the net. I saw the spitting that Darth talks about, and I hate the smiling on the bench also. Of course this guy’s not going to turn down the money, but he could have done something on the ice for all that money. That’s what the team and fans asked of him. Do something for the money. And what did he do? He rushed the puck and lost it when he got over the blueline. Do I think he intentionally floats? Yes. Almost every night. And why would he blow a kiss to a fan as he skates by like he did in Vancouver? And why would he and Kostitsyn laugh it up on the bench when one of our guys is getting beat up on the ice? And finally, why is he such a lousy player when he won the Calder in his first season? Does he think he get by on past merits? The guy is a liability, a floater, and he didn’t help the team one bit, and they needed him. The highest paid Hab ever and one of the most ineffective. If you had him on your team, where would you put him? On the the first two lines? Not a two goal scorer. On the third or fourth? He’s not tough enough to shut down opponents. There’s no place for Scott Gomez. And especially not on a team that needed all hands on deck. He didn’t help one bit. Plumbers and defensive defencemen score more than two goals.

  10. Darth and Dennis you both make good points and I do have to admit that I’ve never seen a live Hab’s game nor do I see all the games each year. That gives your opinions more credibility. However, none of us can jump inside a guy’s head and know what he is thinking. Is it optically bad to see a player laughing on the bench when the team is not playing well? Of course it is. It seems that a lot of fans would have hated Gomez less if he at least looked like he was working really hard. I have no desire to see Gomez stay because you are right his salary could be better used but I would be really interested to have Gomez some day after he retires come clean on his time in Montreal and then we might better understand the man and maybe even find out just what he found so funny.

  11. Haha sorry Chrisopher. Didn’t mean to disparage your city. Just meant to emphasize sending him to Hamilton isn’t the answer. I hope you guys get a teamas I’ve heard Hamilton can support a NHL team. But Toronto probably vetoing any such talk.

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