Gomez’ Aim Is True. Imagine

Scott Gomez nailed a hole-in-one at his golf tournament in Anchorage, Alaska, and for his efforts, he wins a car. But I’m not going to let this guy trump my previous story about an old program related to Jean Beliveau, which I just put up only hours before the golf thing, even though there’s some serious joke possibilities. I just can’t let a Gomez moment take over from a Jean Beliveau story. No way.

I’m sticking with my Jean Beliveau – Citadelles piece. Screw Gomez.

3 thoughts on “Gomez’ Aim Is True. Imagine”

  1. There is something kind of funny about this. We could probably put a soccer-sized net on the ice and he’d hit everything but that.

    Well, I’m glad he has a car. I’m sure he couldn’t afford one on his own. It’s hard living on 7.5 million a year.

  2. That twit can put a 1 inch golf ball into a 3 inch hole (about the size a puck) but can’t put a puck into a 6 foot by 4 foot net, what a waste of skin!!!! Probably Mr. Greedy will also keep the vehicle, he sure as hell won’t forfeit any of his outragious salary!! What a horses pattuty.

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