Gomer’s Good Gig

There’s some mighty fine jobs in this big old world of ours. Playboy photographer comes to mind. George Clooney seems to have a good thing going. Hugh Hefner has had the best job in the world for about 50 years. Being in the Rolling Stones sounds like fun.
Scott Gomez has a great job too. Take the puck and skate like mad up the middle, then either pass it off, dump it in, or lose it to the opposition. All for eight million dollars a season.
Last year he passed it off, dumped it in, and lost it to the opposition over a period of 97 regular season and playoff games, grabbing 73 points in the process, which works out to $109,589 a point. Each measly point more than a hundred g’s.
That’s a good job.
I saw Scott Gomez play when he was a star forward for the South Surrey Eagles of the Tier 2 junior British Columbia Hockey League in the late 1990’s. The Eagles came to Powell River to take on the Powell River Kings and two things stand out from this Gomez experience – a group of fans heckled him so much early on he went over and started yelling at them, which of course made them heckle even more. And at about the five minute mark of the first period, Gomez got into a fight and was thrown out of the game.
But I did see him take the puck a couple of times, skate like mad up the middle, pass it off, dump it in, and lose it to the opposition.
But at that time, he was doing it for about ten bucks a point, not $109, 589.

7 thoughts on “Gomer’s Good Gig”

  1. Yes, he’s got a good deal. But I wonder why he always has to fly in there on his own? His linemates don’t seem to circle back and rush with him. More likely they’re standing still at the blue line. I find it strange.

  2. Yes Anvilcloud, that’s my point. He skates like crazy up the middle and usually nothing comes of it.

  3. I don’t know if I made my point clearly or not. I see this as a line/team failing more that’s Scott’s. He’s often so alone in in the zone that I’m not sure what he can do once he’s there. Perhaps I am seeing it wrong though. It wouldn’t be the first time. I admit to not seeing the game as clearly as most. 🙂

  4. Dennis, I know this is off topic, but the Leafs remain undefeated so far this season and remain in first place in the standings.

    Maybe the experts were wrong. Who knows what might happen?

    Crystal ball, fast forward to June 2011…

    After a spectacular season, Toronto is transformed into a city of champions following a dramatic game-seven Stanley Cup final victory at the Air Canada Centre.

    A crowd of 19,500 fans can’t believe their eyes. The 44-year drought is finally over and Toronto is no longer a joke. Beaming with pride, they stand together and witness Garry Bettman, presenting Leaf’s captain Dion Phaneuf with the Stanley Cup.

    Phaneuf, with tears of joy in his eyes, reaches out to hoist the Cup while the delirious crowd roars in celebration.

    But just as Phaneuf’s hands touch the Stanley Cup, it instantly shatters and turns into a massive pile of Skittles, raining down and scattering across the ice surface.

    Red ones, green ones, yellow ones, orange ones, cascading across the ice surface.

    Bettman , still in shock, yells out “You @sshole!” and swiftly kicks Phaneuf in the crotch. As a result, Bettman instantly turns into a pile of Skittles himself — to wild applause.

    Cue the theme song from the Twilight Zone…

    Brian Burke wakes up in a cold sweat. It’s mid-January and this was all just a dream. It’s back to the harsh reality that the Leafs are once again in last place. Their truculence inevitably leads to suckulence.

    The moral of the story is General Managers shouldn’t eat Skittles before bedtime.

  5. That’s a valid point, Anvilcloud. Maybe it’s the system. Maybe it’s frustrating as hell for Gomez to have nothing come of so many of his rushes because the players are maybe confused. Maybe we need a new coach.

  6. Danno, such a fine scenario. When I’m owner I’m hiring a film crew to do this and show it on the scoreboard. You’ll be the writer, director, creative consultant, and producer. Maybe if you would’ve been with us in LA recently you would have been discovered. Yes, the first place Leafs. The watch is on now for the big crash.

  7. Thanks Dennis. The Leafs beat the Rags 4-3 tonight in O/T.
    That makes four in a row.

    This is getting ridiculous.

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