Gomer-Watch #2

Yes, I know. You’re waiting impatiently. Sorry but I had to sleep. And then there was that 40 minutes on the toilet.

It was a rainy and sort of mild 12 celsius (53 F)  in Stockton during Gomer and his Alaska Aces’ big visit to Northern California on Wednesday night, and the good news for Aces fans was a solid 6-2 win over the hometown Thunder.

But alas, it’s not good news for the 14 Habs fans in the world who love Mr. Gomez. I must break the news here and now that he had no goals, no assists, no shots, 4 penalty minutes, and was minus 1.

What can I say? He couldn’t get it done on this night, even falling short during the Aces’ three power play chances. But I’ll bet he tried hard. In Gomezian fashion.

I’m just so sorry for this bad news.

Gomer and the gang make their way south to Bakersfield, birthplace of Merle Haggard and boxer Jerry Quarry, for a clash with the Condors on Friday night (game time 6 pm), and hopefully better news is on the horizon. Is he in a slump? I hope not. He’s not used to that.

Random Notes:

I’ve been to Bakersfield and I can tell you that there’s quite a lot of oil pumps working hard in the area. Maybe Gomer, if he has a few hours to kill in the afternoon, can buy an oil well when he’s there!


8 thoughts on “Gomer-Watch #2”

  1. Dennis, if I didn’t know better I’d swear you were being sarcastic.

    Merle Haggard is going to have a concert here in the Spring in Kanhawake (it’s near where I live). I was thinking of going to it but the place where it’s being held is an arena but one that wasn’t designed for bands so I don’t know what the music would sound like. He’s also supposed to have 2 or 3 opening acts so I wonder if that means he’d only be on for 40 minutes or something.

  2. Darth, you should go. He’s a legend and he’s not getting any younger. And me? Sarcastic? Nahhhhh.

  3. Dennis,

    I wonder if Gomer is sitting in the back of the bus quietly singing that Buck Owens classic “The Streets of Bakersfield”

    “Hey, you don’t know me, but you don’t like me
    You say you care less how I feel
    But how many of you that sit and judge me
    Ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?”


    No, you’re right, probably not.

  4. Alright, you guys convinced me – I’ll go. It’s being held in their hockey rink. It’ll be nice to be in a hockey environment one day. I once heard that it was an interesting sport to watch.

    This is one of my favorite Merle songs:

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