Gomer Update

It seems there’s only one thing to say – Scott Gomez belongs only several notches down from the NHL.

Gomer scored a goal and added an assist in helping his Alaska Aces beat the Utah Grizzlies 4-2 in Anchorage, thus giving the Mexican/American 3 goals and 4 assists in six games. Of course he could slump and never score again, but for now things are fine except for that recent bout of food poisoning in California.

And incredibly, it’s possible that only one of his three goals bounced in off his ass, and maybe the other two were normal types. It’s just difficult for me to imagine that Gomer would fire in three good goals. Don’t forget – those ECHL goalies are tough. Usually only a couple of notches down from the NHL.


9 thoughts on “Gomer Update”

  1. Since pleas for no mass fall upon deaf ears, here’s a long, long, long, long career in Alaska for goatmex. Although his is in the US, his proximity to BC is significantly closer than southeast Louisiana, I trust you will act as my proxy and wishing this to him in person…

  2. Yes Mike. We wish Mr. Gomez a long and average career in Alaska. I can’t tell him in person, though. I’m mad at him for being such A STINKING LOUSY BUM IN MONTREAL.

  3. Is there some photographic evidence of these Gomer goals? It sounds like somebody is trying to put us on.

    Maybe someone could send Gomer alone and adrift on an Alaskan ice floe to sharpen his amazing scoring abilities.

  4. If the NHL does come back I suggest that he continue to wear this jersey. That way he’ll think he’s in the ECHL and we’ll finally have a 50 goal scorer again.

  5. It is time someone came to Scotty’s defense and I have decided to take on that daunting task. I am by no means advocating for a moratorium on Scotty bashing. After all, Scotty bashing is perfectly natural, like mothers milk. I enthusiastically encourage it. But give credit where credit is due. Mr. Gomez has provided us with endless hours of quality entertainment and continues to do so. Consider the embarrassing 2011-2012 edition of Les Glorieux. If not for the bumbling incompetence and marathon streaks of impotence of this smiling and laughing good will ambassador, as well as the silly under card dramas, the language debates and hysterically moronic management and coaching episodes, the whole year would have been an incredible bore. And he continues to tweak our interest and imagination. Now that the NHL has fallen over its own fiscal cliff and over-taxing the loyalty and patience of dedicated hockey fans everywhere, we, the 99% can feel reassured that following the further adventures of Scott Gomez and my new favorite team, “Club de hockey de Aces” is just a click away.

  6. Hobo, if it wasn’t for his bumbling incompetence, there be many days when I wouldn’t have anything to write about. So thank you, Senor Gomez. May you have a long and average career with Club de Hockey Aces de Alaska. Now I’m just waiting for a long slump for Gomer with the Aces. Un Slump de Gomer d’Aces. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was stalled at three goals?

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