Gomer Goner!

Scott Gomez continues to get under my skin. The nerve of him to get bought out while I’m at work and can’t really talk about it. Hell, I can’t even celebrate right now.

I’ll have more to say about this later today.

Until then, this from TSN:

The Scott Gomez era in Montreal appears to be at an end. According to TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, the Canadiens have told Gomez he will not be a part of the team this season. Montreal will continue to pay Gomez for the season before buying out his contract this summer. Gomez’s contract will count against the team’s salary cap this year.

21 thoughts on “Gomer Goner!”

  1. I am curious as to why this guys game fell off a cliff…I mean remember him in New Jersey…..Any thoughts ?????? Perplex’s me

  2. Leaf fan, sometimes it takes awhile for players to figure out how best to handle a guy. Eventually Gomez’ act was figured out. It wasn’t difficult He plays a soft game and doesn’t have a feel for putting the puck in the net. As soon as guys figured out to just let him go for a little skate and cover his wingers, he was toast. He was as ineffective as could be. I really wish I could celebrate right now but my company might not like it. You know, the fireworks and champagne.

  3. Dennis, the Habs fans of Canada give you permission to get on the ship’s loudspeaker and sing the Olé Olé Olé song at the top of your lungs.

    I’m sure your Captain will understand.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well buddy you finally convinced the Hab’s management to get rid of Gomer eh?I think that you could work your way up from stick boy real quick making decisions like this,when you own the team I need a job as a scout .

  5. HALLELUJAH !!!!Gomer salmon fishing in Alaska & starting a HABS fan club !!! I told you THE BELL would be ‘ovation-ing for 2 hrs on the home opener . Bergbeegone for mayor!! Hope his replacement can check & rattle opponents off the boards–CLEANLY like Emelin

  6. Kinda feel sorry for #11 embarrassment. But this is great example of good sound management. This bodes well for us. Jubilation on the Gomez side, disappointment on sub ban side.

  7. Gomez had so many opportunities to show what he was made of and he failed. Who could fail sitting under all those hall of famers above his locker. Any average joe would elevate his game just being in that locker room. So i guess he is truly a loser because he has the ability but he lacked the heart. I think his days in Montreal will haunt him because he had the opportunity to be a god and he threw it all away. Gomez has all season to think about his time in Montreal. He knows he can’t get paid $5.0 million anywhere so he has to sit.

  8. Gomez will be officially gone even earlier than previously thought. The players and owners have already made a change to the new CBA to allow players to be bought out until Saturday.

    Somehow the team is saving $900K in salary by waiving him. I don’t understand it, but the savings are unchanged by the rule change.

    Basically everything is the same as before, except that instead of twiddling his thumbs in Alaska until June as a Canadien, he’ll be doing it as an UFA.

  9. Christopher, do you think another team will grab him? Or did watching the experience in Montreal turn all 29 teams off?

  10. I was amazed his play in Montreal didn’t turn off his lockout team in Alaska. It will be interesting to see if they take him back.

    For serious NHL teams I think he’d be too much of a distraction now. Or maybe NJ will sign him short and cheap hoping that he can play as he did before NY, Sather and Gainey lost their marbles.

  11. Dennis,

    Dear Abby died today.

    So I turn to you for advice in my time of need.

    I have this reoccurring nightmare that haunts me.

    Scott Gomez who has been totally useless and grossly overpaid gets picked up for cheap by one of our rivals and immediately starts playing like his hair is on fire. Scotty has a banner year and hoists the cup at the end of the season.

    And he has a shit-eating grin on his face!

    Please reply with some reassuring words of comfort.


    Nervous Habs Fan

  12. Dear Nervous Habs Fan,
    You can rest easy. That’s not Scotty hoisting the Cup. That’s him celebrating his one goal he might get with the Juneau Jupiters of the Alaskan Beer and Hallinogetic Drug League. Don’t fret. The only Cup this fellow will handle is an athletic cup.

  13. Christopher, are teams that hard up for players? I can score a goal a year, and I’m a hundred years old.

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