Gold Medal Game Set To Go

At approximately 7:30 pm Eastern, Team Canada and Team Russia go head to head for World Junior supremacy.

Go Canada; smash ’em, demolish, destroy, trounce, obliterate, kill, maul, run over, and pulverize these boys-to-men from so far away, and bring the trophy home to Canada.

I’ll be back later in the evening to talk about what transpired. We’re cheering for you, Canada. Show ’em what you’ve got.

2 thoughts on “Gold Medal Game Set To Go”

  1. Sorry to see it all went so badly wrong. Chin up all. This does happen. You can’t follow any sport without knowing this kind of result is always just around the corner.

    And they are Juniors. They’re developing. Unlike senior teams where you have a mix of experience and youth, you don’t have that depth to fall back on when things are going sideways.

  2. It really sucks, BlueBayou. It’s bad enough when it’s a fluke goal or a goal with only seconds left or in overtime happens. But having a three-goal lead into the third and losing it is gut-wrenching. And then I read this morning the Russian team got kicked off their plane for being too rowdy. I think it’s a good time for some DKRFSB.

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