16 thoughts on “Gold For Canada!”

  1. Bilodeau new Canadian hero.
    Sports are so unfair, they should give degree of difficulty points for a beer gut.

  2. Habs could use some of Bilodeau’s hutzpa! Changing topics….the vehicle in your profile pic sure looks like my ’54 turquoise Chevy….. it showed the stamina I wish the Habs had!

  3. Jan, someone predicted through a bunch of calculations that we should win 30 medals. How they concluded that I don’t know, but 30 isn’t bad.

  4. Starting in 2014, a new demonstration sport at the Olympics – full-contact curling. Dennis, start training now!

  5. But Danno, what about my gymnastics dream? I can’t just drop my dream. I’m going to be the guy on those rings. I’m sure there’s a name for it. And sometime in the next 18 months I’m going to start training. But I do like the full-contact curling. I’m also a believer in soccer having boards and bodychecking.

  6. Dennis, what self-respecting woman doesn’t want a man with a beer gut? Six-pack abs are so lame.

    Plus you might need a little body reserve if you get stuck outside in the winter.

  7. Diane, please spread the word. Women shouldn’t settle for guys with a six pack when they can have a whole keg belly.

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