Going For Two Big Ones In A Row

They raised our eyebrows slightly and  gave us some kind of hope after seeing them crush the Ottawa Senators 6-2 the other night. Now they’re in Tampa Bay and the question lingers: Will we see a Montreal Canadiens team with new vim and vigour, or will the old and truly sad one re-appear and cause us to look for bricks to throw at our T.V.’s?

Certainly they can’t score six times on each and every night, and of course the scoring can’t be spread around like it was against the Sens. But it would be nice to see a team without patented giveaways, lacklustre efforts, and soft contact in front of the net and in corners. It would be nice to see big shots hitting the net, a power play with direction and results, more great moves from Lars Eller, more of the PK we know and love, much less silly penalty-taking, and no backing off late in the game.

Imagine if they came out like blockbusters on this night and destroyed Tampa, a team breathing down their necks in the standings? Randy Cunneyworth would be looked at differently, and I’d be the first to send him a couple of French school books so he could pick up the language and settle in for the long haul. As it is, why don’t any of you French-speaking readers out there volunteer to tutor the guy? Maybe that’s all he’s been waiting for.

I’m optimistic, like so many of us, and I know it sounds silly considering we’ve only seen one great game out of the boys. And even having said that, we must keep in mind that Carey Price was incredibly solid in Ottawa and without him, thing’s might have been slightly different.

Anyway, rah rah, sis boom bah. Go Habs. And some of you of a certain age might remember disc jockeys at Chum AM 1050 in Toronto chanting their little catchphrase after playing a couple of chart-toppers. They’d say, “That’s two in a row on ten-five-o!”

That’s what we want. Two in a row on ten-five-o.



8 thoughts on “Going For Two Big Ones In A Row”

  1. We have two things going for us tonight – their defence is crappy and their goal-tending can be iffy. Problem is our defence isn’t perfect either. This could be a high-scoring game.

    I wonder if Malone will be up to his old antics again? Let’s see who he tries to hurt tonight.

    We should have the Bruins’ record right now. Sigh.

  2. Remember how I said how Cammy seemed to have his good shot back when I was watching him during the warmup in Ottawa? Well, he’s on a roll now with his second goal in two games – a power play goal to tie the game.

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