It’s been clearly explained to me (thanks Tom), and it becomes this: Ottawa and Boston play each other tonight, and if Ottawa wins, the Habs play Ottawa. If Boston wins, the Habs play Toronto.

So this means I’ll be cheering for………..not sure.

Montreal managed two wins and two losses against the Sens this season, and two wins and three losses against Toronto. Ottawa has Erik Karlsson back and have a hot goaltender. Toronto has several guys who whack themselves over the head with baseball bats when they wake up. They also have the lovely and talented P.J. Stock cheerleading from the sidelines.

Whatever. Bring ’em on. Whoever it is.

Below – P.J. Stock



6 thoughts on “Go…Uh….Hmmm”

  1. Once and a while I listen to L’Antichambre. I cringe whenever that guy is on. I can barely understand a word of what he is saying (I know, I know at least he is trying). Why does he get any airtime? What’s special about him?

  2. Sens defeat Bruins by a score of 4-3.

    Habs finish the season as Northeast Division Champions.

    It’s going to be the Habs vs the Sens. I think the first game is on Thursday.

    Bring it on!

  3. Why do we have to wait until Thursday? CRAP! Oh well. At least we can watch Boston and Toronto maul each other – that could be very entertaining.

    Dennis, I won a framed photo of the Rocket’s statue (close up of his face). I can’t wait to pick it up, which is on Thursday. Maybe this a good omen?

    From last to first..amazing. All we need now is some award or something that comes at the end of the playoffs – and no, it’s not free coupons to one of Don’s restaurants. Least I hope not. 🙁

  4. Darth, excellent prize! Wow!
    Thursday is too far away. I think it’s stupid to wait that long. Originally I was all geared up for Tuesday and then it became two more days. Any longer and the Cup would be presented just before the start of next season.

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