Go Pune Go

For the past several days I’ve been spending ten or fifteen minutes now and again watching cricket taking place in India. Not because I’m bored or am a cricket fan, but because I can’t figure it out and I’m sort of trying.

This tournament is on TSN at various times of the day, and today, the brand new Pune Warriors team is playing another I haven’t figured out the name of. The crowd is in fine spirits, the sun is shining, and an excellent cricket match in full swing.

At least I’m assuming it’s an excellent cricket match. The crowd is cheering often which is a great indicator.

There seems to be 12 cricketeers on a cricket field, and they stand and wait as the bowler takes a running windup and bounces the ball on one hop in to a guy wearing a steel cage, goalie-type pads, and holding a flat bat. The hitter hits it wherever he wants on the circular field and one of the guys not wearing a glove fields it and gives it back to the bowler.

This is where I’m at now. This is all I understand. If it’s on again tomorrow I’m going to tune in for a bit and try to understand why a ball is hit anywhere on the field and it’s sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. Although catching fly balls seems to be a good thing, with smiles all around.

The problem is, I find myself comparing it to baseball but it’s not baseball. These guys don’t run and slide and don’t look like they take steroids, so it takes some adjusting.

I’ve come crashing down after the Habs failed to get by Boston, and cricket right now is relaxing. It seems to be the opposite of the stress involved with the Habs in the playoffs. Even the players look much less uptight than hockey players. Although the guy standing near the bowler, the judge or whatever his title is, the one wearing a bright red shirt and big black hat, looks like he’s ready to lead the charge of the Light Brigade.

Right now, as I look at numbers on the screen, I can’t figure out what the score is. It’s all mumbo jumbo.

Learning cricket might take longer than I thought.

4 thoughts on “Go Pune Go”

  1. Dennis

    I’m in rural Suffolk so need to keep this brief

    There are 11 men in a cricket team. When fielding, you have 1 bowler 1 wicket keeper (gloved) and 9 fielders. Most teams carry 4 or 5 bowlers, 5 specialist batsmen and 1 or 2 all rounders. The wicketkeeper can usually bat a bit.

    Stick with it. The world is starting to be aware that it needs a hockey/cricket website. Lord Stanley would approve.

  2. Everything has dropped off since the Habs were eliminated. I could read endless stories every day while they were playing and then ……nothing. Except for your site of course. While things are slowly coming back up to speed its not nearly fast enough to fill the void I feel. I want to know who will be back and the players the Habs will target this summer; and I want to know now.
    I found myself watching a mid-eastern wrestling match??? on the tube from Iran or the area around there I think. Four men on one side would link arms and a lone fellow from the other side would line up opposite. They kind of danced around the field trying to gain some form of upper hand and the lone guy would attempt to touch/ tag/ grab one of the four and then run back to his end while one of the four attempted to tackle/ up-end him. I watched for quite awhile trying to grasp some level of understanding of what was trying to be done and why. Reminded me a little of the system that JM uses with the zone coverage and one man in on the offense to tag the opposing goalie and then retreat to their own zone. Perhaps the Canadiens could recruit one of the coaches of this sport once Mueller leaves for Dallas.
    Boucher has or is becoming the secound coming in some peoples eyes with Tampa’s play this year. Although I would have preferred him to JM what is happening there is no different than Montreal last year. The only ex Canadiens player/coach I would have really enjoyed to have is Dominic Moore.
    Sadly if Montreal is out of the play-offs I could not really care about the other series a whole heck of a lot.

  3. It’s true, Don. There’s just not a lot of Habs talk right now. Last year was more active, until the end of June I think. I don’t know when things will pick up. Free agent guys like Markov – will he stay or will he go? Boucher and his team are doing great. Is Muller almost gonzo? What to do about Gomez? They might wait for awhile before they begin things, but in the meantime, I’m just going to have to be all over the place. From cricket to the Marijuana Party. C’mon Habs, do something.

  4. Dennis,

    Your correspondent was undoubtedly watching Kabaddi. Curiously this is very big in the same countries that enjoy cricket.


    There is some research to be done on why disappointed followers of the Canadiens are turning to Asian sport for comfort in their time of need.

    Maybe you’re all of a certain age and remember how the Beatles and others all headed to the mystic east for spiritual renewal?

    A “eastern sport on TV as virtual ashram” kind of a deal.

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