Go Habs

I just want to ask the players, as a fellow who has followed the team passionately for many, many years, to play as hard as you can, not take bad penalties, never give up, never stop skating, drive hard to the net, shoot when normally you wouldn’t shoot, hit hard, clean and often, forget about pain, to not take notice of the crowd except for the encouragement, focus, concentrate, think ahead, encourage teammates, don’t get down if the Bruins score first, don’t let them back in the game if you’re leading in the third period, do yourselves proud, make us proud………

Take this thing to game seven. Habs universe is behind you.

12 thoughts on “Go Habs”

  1. Hey Dennis,My wishes are the same as yours,you echoed my thoughts almost perfectly.The only thing different is that Carey Price has his best game of the series (hard to improve on his play so far) and that Chara gets run over good,took the day off so I dont miss any of it.

  2. Guess what happened on this day last year?

    The Habs were playing game six against the Washington Capitals and were down three games to two going into the game.

    Do or die. Just like tonight.

    And most people had them written off before they even dropped the puck.

    They did it last year and they can do it again this year.

    But they have to play the game of their lives.


  3. Danno, if that isn’t wonderful motivation, I don’t know what is. It shows that this isn’t over, not by a long shot.

  4. One other thing. The real key to winning tonight will be for the fans to hold off giving Andrew Ference the finger & singing Olé, olé, olé until we actually win this sucker.

  5. Game seven and beyond Dennis, game seven and beyond.

    I understand the ref for tonight is not a man who drinks regularly from the well of competence. Could cut both ways but I fear it wont.

    Our run-ins with the Flyers last year were just ugly and annoying, this season though there is something of the darkness about our struggles with the Bruins and their cohorts in the media. It seems to have assumed greater significance for both sides than just the bragging rights for fans. It’s a battle for the very soul of hockey.

    And right now it seems like we’re all that’s left and we’re holed up in the old house at the top of Main Street. Outside the living dead are beating at the doors and tearing at the windows, God there’s a couple coming down the chimney and I think some have got into the attic. We’ve only a few rounds left. Is it all up for civilization………….?

  6. As you know, Blue Bayou, Canadiens and Bruins disagreements have gone on for decades. And the Bruins have always been despicable, conniving, horse-thievin’ pussies.

  7. That’s right, Danno. And please Habs players, hold off from shoving an extra goalie stick up Ference’s ass until you have the game in firm command.

  8. The team listened to your requests and made us proud. It helped that the Bruins are a bunch of goons with little self control. Thankfully the referees called them on it.

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