Go Ahead Habs, Make My Day

On this game day against the Buffalo Wings, things are not starting out well.

Yes, the TV will be warmed up. Yes, I’m expecting a big night from the Habs considering the last time these two teams played, if I was in the stands, I’d ask for my money back.

Everything’s fine in preparation for the big night.

But in one hour from now, approximately 10:45 am pacific time, I will be sitting in the dentist chair and letting this stranger rip open my gum, lift it up, and decide whether to perform a root canal or not.

So you see, the Habs better come out flying. They’d better not make my day any worse then it’s already going to get.

Random Notes:

Jacques Martin spoiled any uplifting spirits and all-round good holiday cheer of Habs fans everywhere when he announced that Andrei Markov isn’t quite ready yet. Maybe Jacques is joking with us.

Does Jacques Martin joke?

4 thoughts on “Go Ahead Habs, Make My Day”

  1. And Dani, the only way I’m going to feel better is if the Canadiens decide to play better against the Sabres than the last time they met. I can’t even imagine the Buffalo papers after that episode. And your team is doing great, especially Miller. You must be happy.

  2. Dennis, the news doesn’t get any better. The Habs may have to forfeit that game they won against the Senators 4-1 because they did not inform the league about calling up Ryan White from the Bulldogs and playing him.
    Need I say that the Leafs are now only four points behind us?

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