Go Ahead, Drop That Puck

Time to dust off the great Annakin Slayd “Feels Like ’93” to get things going. Mike Williamson suggested a few years ago that this tune should be an annual event here as the boys begin their charge, and I agree.

You probably think I should be listening to Rudy Vallee and Al Jolson, but I happen to think Feels Like ’93 is a very cool song.

Can the Canadiens take out the Senators? You bet they can. They have more weapons. And as for those Habs who’ve been struggling lately, now’s the time to stop struggling. We need you. Not mentioning any names, Michael Ryder, DD, Max, Brian Gionta, Mr. Bourque etc.

Go Habs! Slay those Sens..

6 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Drop That Puck”

  1. Man the Sugar Loafs looked awesome during the pre game skate*****Too Bad They Had To Drop The Puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the Habs can do it but they need to stay out of the box. I would preach that to them until they got sick of hearing my voice. Let the other team goof up – we’ll take advantage.

    One thing I do like is the confidence level seems to be pretty high. Therrien says “they’ve done their homework” so hopefully that will lead to good results.

    If we do win it all…I think I’ll lose my mind but what a happy way to lose it!

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