Go Ahead And Sweep

Game four of the Stanley Cup Finals goes tonight. Go Kings. End this. Then all 30 teams can start off even again next fall.

I want this thing over with, but I hate sweeps, especially in a final series, whether it’s the NHL, World Series, or a Delhi-Punjab cricket showdown. Books aren’t written about sweeps. Playoffs ending in suspense-filled seventh-game overtime drama is what’s sexy, not four-straight. Only sports-hating spouses love sweeps.

Owners don’t like sweeps, even if they’re the owner of the winning team. They might say they do but they don’t. Every extra 500 bucks they can squeeze out of people’s assholes is what it’s all about for them, and sadly, when the lights are turned off, all they’re left with are memories and a couple of mistresses.

Go Kings. Put New Jersey out of its misery. I know it’s been terrific for Kings fans, and Devils fans too I suppose, but for Habs fans, it’s been the season of the sewer, and it would be lovely if the fat lady opened her mouth and let ‘er fly. Then we can get on to next season and the playoffs where hopefully the Habs can pull off a sweep.




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